Thursday, 31 December 2009 @ 14:45

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 31.12.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
31.12.09 1445h


Good evening everyone
I'm Nishikido Ryo
2009 is also ending soon
Now rushing to the 2nd performance
I will work hard!

Er.. He's really busy ne? He didn't even wish us a "Happy New Year" or anything like that..

Well, Happy New Year, Ryo-chan!! I love you! ♥

Tuesday, 29 December 2009 @ 22:57

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Taguchi Junnosuke — 29.12.09


junnosuke taguchi MANUAL.42

omg, it's super super super long, so gimme some time!!

Friday, 25 December 2009 @ 17:13

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Akanishi Jin — 22.12.09


jin akanishi MANUAL.42

Hello everyone I'm Akanishi.
I'm now making all kinds of preparation for the live in February. I'm also thinking of making new songs and collaborate with many people so please look forward to it

This year is also ending, everyone please spend Christmas and New Year with your family, lover, friends!

So that's about it, my thumb is going to get cramps, please forgive my leaving.

See you next time ciao

-- "live" and "ciao" were written in English

Well, he's late for 2 days! x.X"

He has a live in Feb?! And making new songs?! OMG, I can't wait!! ♥

And just typing this few words can give him cramps?! What is his thumb made of?! 25 years old and his meat is stiff?! HAHAHAHHA!! XD Oopz~! XD

Still love him all the same XD

Soukon 走魂 Episode 7!

Right on time~!! ♥

Run in the ZOO!!

A problem arises.. It's evening time already! An hour left of sunlight!

To make things interesting, they are to take photos of ten animals~!


To make things more interesting, they are to tie their legs to each others' legs! 4 people running only with 4 legs!!

No.9 = Penguin

Then my tv software crashed!!!!!!!! When I managed to get it back, Massu was scared by something, haha! XD

No.8 = Chimpanzee! Massu says, "Do you know?! Chimpanzee's DNA is 98.8% similar to ours?" Massu is so scared he hugs Shige! HAHA!! Shige says that he is scared by Massu instead of the Chimpanzee! HAHA XD

No.7 = White Tiger~ Massu says a fact again, "White Tigers come from Bengal." HAHA!! He's so funny!! He's scared again, by the White Tigers, haha!! XD

No.6 = Africa Elephant~ They went home already, because of the temperature! But after NEWS discusses with the breeder, they get to go to where they are!!

4:30pm, not much sunlight left!!

No.5 = Pony~ It's closed today! They run to find the riding area, but it's closed too, at 3pm!! In the end, they take photo with the cardboard pony, haha~

5pm.. really not much sunlight~!

No.4 = Akakangaru

No.3 = Giraffe

No.2 = Shiro fukurou [White Owl] looks at them coldly, even though they try to make it laugh by laughing at it.. -_-" HAHA XD

No.1 = Lion

The 4 animals that they didn't get to take a photo with were completed by the staff members the next day, haha~

This time, they get 2 points!

Shige's training looks very tough!! x.X His trainer looks like a tough person too!

Shige tries very hard ne!! Next episode, I think it will be too tough for him until he cries?! That's what the preview showed, a picture of him with tears.. XD Aww, ganbatte, Shige!! ♥

Saw a commercial.. 23 Jan 9pm Saturday, Hidarime Tantei will start!! Yoko and Yamada!!


Good night!! ♥

Thursday, 24 December 2009 @ 22:55

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 24.12.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
24.12.09 1350h


Merry Christmas

Have a happy Christmas Eve

Wow, super duper short!! Haha~~

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

And Happy New Year~! ^_^v

Omg, he used an icon other than heart! Hahaha~ XD

By the time I'm posting this, it's already 5 to Christmas for him!! Over at my place, we are later than him by one hour.. Can't relate the feelings that effectively!! Wanna feel the same thing at the same time!! XD

Have a great holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Kanjani∞ no Janiben 関ジャニ∞のジャニ勉 23.12.09

Start of the year, once.. End of the year, once.. HAHAHA XD

My listening's not so good yet, so I don't understand them, haha.. I can only catch what I understand XD

Guest is Nishimura Kazuhiko. They're examining fingerprints because he played a detective in a past drama. Hmm.........

Today, Ryo-chan wears a grey outer with patterned collar, grey shirt on the inside, a brown-grey hat, red berms..?! @.@ Only he can wear this kinda combination and look good, haha!

5 out of the 7 wear hats!!

Next, they discuss about the healthy juice Nishimura makes for his wife and son.

The first comment out of Ryo's mouth after seeing Nishimura's wife's photo is: Big breasts!

OMG!! HAHAHAHA!! XD That's why we love him, right?!! XD

Nishimura went to GREAT lengths to get his wife!!

Apple, milk, yoghurt, vegetables (小松菜), lemon juice, banana = Nishimura Family Healthy Juice

They all say that it's nice!! Wow, we can try it, haha XD

Next, he likes to shop for cooking tools~~ In Kyoto's Isetan~!

They play a game~ There are the top 5 popular kitchen tools, he has to place them in order of their value, from most expensive to cheapest~

First one, Kame demo-ed this before, it's the can opener which will automatically open your can~!

Subaru is so funny!

B, a red container that has food in it, put it into the microwave.. Wait.. Take it out and you can eat the food!!

C, a knife. Very nice and SHARP knife. I would guess this one is the most expensive, haha.. That's what I think for now~ Let's see the others~

D, a super automatic takoyaki maker!!!!!!!! OMG!! Super amazing!! It turns the takoyaki itself PERFECTLY ROUND!!

E, a super automatic apple peeler!! It will revolve the apple itself and peels PERFECTLY!!

The results..:

C 18900yen [I think.. Can't remember their prices XD]
D 5000+yen
B 5000+yen
A 5000+yen
E 1000+yen

I was correct!!!!!!!! But I didn't bother to put the others in order, haha.. However, Nishimura gets everything in perfect order and gets to take them ALL HOME!! OMG!! That knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GIFT commercial!! I really love Ryo's voice at the end!! AH!!!!!!!!!! Too sexy~! ♥_♥

Wednesday, 23 December 2009 @ 23:53

Cartoon KAT-TUN 23.12.09 Epi 141

One month of missing Cartoon KAT-TUN!! OMG!! T_T

And.. I'm late.. -_-"

Christmas Home Party..?!

Then White X'mas is played............... Then it's CM..

6th Jan, they will air the Adult Rules SP!

Friday, 18 December 2009 @ 22:13

"M Dokkiri"

I know I'm late~~~~ "M Dokkiri" is actually an elaborate project to mess with the purple ranger in Eito Rangers! HINA!!

They are all so funny! The plan was really elaborated and it looked real enough for Hina!

This entire clip can be found in the B package of PUZZLE DVD!!

Enjoy this long clip~!! ^_~♥

If it doesn't load, click here to watch!

Thursday, 17 December 2009 @ 23:10

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 17.12.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
16.12.09 1915h


Now on the way from Osaka to Tokyo.
In Shinkansen.

Very fast.

Yasu-chan is playing game.

I'm listening to music.

I think, I will work hard tomorrow too.


Work hard

Ok................................... -_-"


How could he not know about his own rib is fractured?! He felt pain but only went to the doctor's quite late! -_-"

That must mean he didn't fall or anything serious.. AND YET, his rib broke.. His bones must not be very strong la!! He must drink more milk!! I drink milk EVERY MORNING, haha~~ XD

Dunno what he's doing!! Doing acrobatics?! Being a gymnast?! OMG!! So worried -_-"

Anyway, apparently, his rib fractured about one month ago.. So it should be healed by now, but even so, he looked really tired, according to a fan who was lucky enough to be audience to the 3rd Janiben filming of 16th Dec!! Wow, so they rushed back to Tokyo right after filming 3 episodes of Janiben!! So tiring!! T_T

You know, it's not so easy to attend the filming as a member of the audience! According to the lucky fan, you cannot wear shoes higher than 2cm! They will really use rulers to measure!! o.O Then, after the filming, you cannot stay or loiter around the area because it's the rules! OMG!! These kinda thing is.. ridiculous.. -_-"

Why does Yasu need to go to Tokyo?

At least, Ryo-chan used an emoji~ The one he always use if he uses one.. ♥

Anyway, today's Soukon will only air at 3am in Japan's time!! OMG?!!??!!?! How can they do that?!?!!? T_T I can't wait up for it, it's too late for me, I'm sick!! T_T


Anyway, good night, girl!! ♥

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Kamenashi Kazuya — 15.12.09


kazuya kamenashi MANUAL.42


Firstly, yesterday's Best Artist

Shuuji-kun Failed at the start of the song

The timing of the turn done with Akira-kun was wrong, when we finished turning,, Nari hibiita have already started (tears)

Even though it's finally AMIGO, sorry

And x2

The Kamenashi Kazuya-kun and Taguchi Junnosuke-kun who had planned to make a Michael pose after KAT-TUN's song

I was betrayed

Taguchi Junnosuke-kun didn't do it

Surprised Even though Ueda Tatsuya-kun and Chief Nakamaru Yuuichi were supervising us discussing lots about this before the real thing

Well, forget it

Surely, Taguchi Junnosuke-kun didn't know who Michael is (laughs)

Surely it's that, it can't be wrong (laughs)

And, after Best Artist, Kamenashi Kazuya-kun became Takano Kyouhei in Seven Changes and gets buried in the snow early in the morning

This time, we're also shooting happily and harmoniously with quite a nice Team

The details are, please watch the 1st episode of「Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge」airing on 15th of January

So, wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year

Ah, by the way, today is the release date of KAT-TUN's DVD

Please check it out properly


-- "Seven Changes" is the title's last 3 kanjis' meaning.

-- "Team" was written in English.

OMG!! EMOJI SPAM KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, seriously!! XD I think he can express the meaning of an entire sentence using only emoji!! XD

Anyway, I'm not planning to buy the DVD, gomen ne Kame and Jin~~ XD

He didn't show it on his face when he forgot to sing the Nari hibiita~~ But it's cool, no biggie~~

I can't wait to see him as Kyouhei in the new drama next year!! OMG!!!!!!!!! I loved that anime for its super ridiculous story and art! XD But I didn't like the art enough to keep it XD So now, I can't recap the anime in detail~~

Also, I wanna see Tego!! ♥♥

Looking forward to the new drama! ♥