Wednesday, 14 January 2009 @ 23:59

Cartoon KAT-TUN 14.1.09 Epi 92

Nagano Special part 2!!

The Kart Grand Prix was exciting! XD Haha~~~ It's so funny as well!!

Poor Koki!! But he's sporting!! Good! I like~!!

The rest of KAT-TUN [minus the new ADs] went to eat Nagano's famous soba and their reactions are super funny! XD

Then the 2 poor ADs weren't allowed to eat, but the staff took out a roulette and let the two of them throw a dart on it while it's spinning, haha! See if they get the chance to eat Tenzaru , haha!!

One of them was lucky enough to "eat", haha.. To swallow, more like it, haha.. Poor thing!!

The other one, even more poor thing.. Hahahaha~~~~~

Then cut to Koki's suffering!! Poor thing!!

Next Cartoon KAT-TUN will air at 12:13am Japan time, same day, same channel!! Remember to tune in!!

P.S.: I bought POTATO Feb 2009 today! Guess who is on the cover?? KAT-TUN!! Yay!!

Too bad, I don't have scanner..

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