Wednesday, 28 January 2009 @ 23:29

Cartoon KAT-TUN 28.1.09 Epi 94

I was a bit late! It started 10 minutes before I managed to tune in!

They're having the female doctor today!! The boys are having body check up! Wahahaha!! Ah, but where are Junno and Koki?

The doctor is totally bullying Nakamaru!! "Hana-kun", haha XD Poor Nakamaru!!

Then she let them drink something, Nakamaru had a strong reaction, haha~ And Kame had a surprised reaction, wahaha, that made Nakamaru suspicious, haha! Then the doctor said that he may be acting? Hahaha!!

Junno and Koki were in Koki's room and when the female company president [that doctor, XD] stepped in, they seemed to want to escape from her, haha! The two of them were tested to see if they have the potential to be company presidents, haha~

AHH!!!!!!! OMG, I saw NEWS' Kose Happy Bath Day commercial!! Hahaha!! So super happy! XD

Waa~ The last part where the doctor was telling Kame something, she was holding a folder, as if she's telling him something about his body, wahaha~~ And guess what she said? And guess what was Kame's reaction? Watch it for yourself!!

Kyaaa! Kame's so cute!! Daisuki!! ♥

*screams* The "ONE DROP" single commercial was on! XD I can't wait for it to arrive!!

Remember to watch Cartoon KAT-TUN next week too ne!! ^_~

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