Wednesday, 7 January 2009 @ 23:55

Cartoon KAT-TUN 7.1.09 Epi 91

Nagano Special~!!

They went to Nagano and 1 of them was decided to be AD of the day and it was Nakamaru! XD The producer said it was because he didn't jump and also because of what he said on Utaban, haha!

And he got to choose one of them to accompany him as AD, haha~ And he chose Jin!! XD ♥ Doesn't that remind us of "Nakanishi" in the SP that "punished" them by letting them ride in a convertible in -30ºC??!! XD

They're so hilarious!!

KAME KAKKOII!! He's so super cool!! People with the real power don't need to announce with a loudspeaker, haha~ XD Even so, I still like Jin more, haha XD

Eh?! One person's missing from the Kart Racing! Who's that?

He was reminded that he lost during one of the episodes! Hint: The Quiz~~~~~ ^_~

So he was sent to do other stuff~ I can't wait to see it!!

Next week, same time, same channel, be sure to watch ne!! ♥

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