Saturday, 10 January 2009 @ 22:00

Code Blue Special!

『Code Blue -- Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyumei -- Shinshun Special』

I almost forgot about it!! Gomen!

When I opened the TV, it was 8:25pm over at my place, I was late for 25 minutes!

I caught the very touching part, I immediately cried, haha..

*There will be no spoilers! As always~*

Actually, I haven't even finish the Code Blue series yet!! I stopped at 8~ XD

Anyway, there was a huge incident that required all of them to go by the heli, including the seniors. Even Kuroda-sensei came and help too!

Then there was aftershock or something and somebody was trapped under some concrete!! It's one of Aizawa's gang! OMG!!

Many operations were required to be done on the spot! T_T

Shiraishi decided to let another patient go on the heli instead of another who was already dying and the family members blamed her.. But there's no choice, was there?!

After what seemed like a long time, finally someone found the "somebody"!! OMG, looks like serious injuries!! A lot of blood! He/she was sent back to their hospital by the heli and they operated on him/her, but the heartbeat machine was still beeping!

He/she was sent to ICU after his/her vitals became stable, but he/she hasn't come round yet..!

Kuroda-sensei and Mitsui-sensei saw what happened to Shiraishi and asked her about it in the lift.. After Kuroda-sensei left, Shiraishi cried painfully.. Poor thing..

"Somebody's" father [that's who I think he is] came to visit him/her.. So sad.. Will he/she wake up??

Kuroda-sensei never says anything good, ne? Haha..

Poor Granny Aizawa.. "blessed" with such a "cold-blooded" grandson, haha.. She tried to do something, and that "something" really breaks Kousaku's heart.. ♥

Since it's so sad, why did she turn down his offer?! T_T

...And life goes on as per normal...~

Nice ^_^

Even after all this time, I still hate P's hair as much as before, haha..

Ahh~~~~~ It's frustrating that I understood only maybe 5% of the dialogues?! T_T Luckily, I understand body language, haha..

Wow, a commercial of Harry Potter 4 came on, it's airing next week on Fuji, haha~ It'd be so weird to see Harry and gang speak in another language other than English!! XD

Tomorrow at 7pm Japan time, Inoue Mao's drama will air on Fuji!

Anyway, support Code Blue by buying the DVD box set!! ♥

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