Tuesday, 13 January 2009 @ 22:09

神の雫 Kami no Shizuku Episode 1!!

Did you catch it?! I caught it! But the TV player sucks, the video was slower than the audio.. T_T But luckily, it later returned to somewhat normal! Yay! x.X

It started on a bright day, a gravestone, a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers~

Very soon, Shizuku[Kame]'s father died. And his stepbrother appeared. The battle began.

One hour later, the time was up for the battle. Who will be the winner?! It's unexpected.

Visit the official website!

I think it's a nice show about wine, if only I understood the dialogues more.. T_T Ganbarimasu!!

Remember to tune in to the same channel at the same time tomorrow too!! ^_~

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