Tuesday, 20 January 2009 @ 22:24

神の雫 Kami no Shizuku Episode 2!

TV player is lagging as usual~ -_-"

Anyway, the girl, Shinohara, is very funny, haha! XD

Argh, I wanna read the manga! If it ends at 20 or a bit after 20 volumes, I may buy the whole set, haha~ I think that reading manga is something you hold in your hands, not read off the screen of a computer.

Back to the drama, I like the framing, the director of photography / director is good~

Who is the mysterious long-hair woman?

Takenaka Naoto acts as a foreigner?! Again?! Haha.. I love him! XD

It seems like Shizuku can link images to the wines he tastes~

The half elder brother of Shizuku is so irritating, haha..

Yay for Shizuku!! But the battles will get harder! I'm sure!

By the way, there are so many Pisces in this drama, haha~ So happy!! ♥

Kiina is another new drama starting tomorrow night at 10pm Japan time, it looks interesting!!

The more I listen to ONE DROP, the more I can't wait to get it!! I still have at least 26 days!! T_T

Anyway, remember to watch Kami no Shizuku next week too! ^_~

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