Tuesday, 27 January 2009 @ 01:10

KAT-TUN 7-day Concert @ Tokyo DOME!

Yes! KAT-TUN will break their own record of having 4 consecutive days of concert! This time, they will be having concert for 7 consecutive days!!

From 15 to 21 May 2009!! Each day will have a different theme of "the 7 planets", the first day, Friday, will be Venus! It's called "7 Changes"!

They are expecting to perform for around 385000 people!

They got the "go ahead" in December but they already had this idea since 2 years ago!

They're really crazy ne! It will be very exhausting for them physically!!

They also wrote messages along the lines of "Please come!" etc, haha~

The ticket is priced at 6,800円 each, that's about SGD$114.24~ Reasonable price~ I wanna go!! But it's in the middle of my work! Unless I tire myself out and watch either the 18th or 19th show.. But the problem is, how to get the tickets?!

Also, Ueda will play Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" in theatres for a month starting from 4 March to 5 April! There will be around 27 shows, wow! That means he will have "rest" for only one month!

Argh, I really wish to go!! Anyone from Singapore wanna go too? Please contact me!!

Ganbatte ne, KAT-TUN no minasan!!


Anonymous said...

It's just too great *O*
I really wish to go, but it's impossible for me ç_ç Ne, I can always hope they put all the concert in a DVD =) better than nothing, right?

Have a lot of fun, if you're going *O*


HaruLoku said...

why is it impossible for u?

one day, someday, u can go! juz work hard towards that goal! i'm working hard towards that goal too!! ^_^~~



anyway, thankz!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Because I have my university exams in that period ç_ç but well, someday I'll go for sure *O*9
I've just to be patient =)

Miya said...

I forgot to sign my comment X"D..I'm always miya XD Maybe I should create a blogger account O.o? dunno XD

HaruLoku said...


icic, good luck for ur exams!!!!!!!