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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Taguchi Junnosuke — 27.1.09


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Haru's note: This translation has 85% mistakes for the later half, so just anyhow read la, SORRY!

It's Taguchi Junnosuke(●^-^●)
There was an interview on the day before yesterdayIt was an ORISUTA interviewthat started since afternoon on the day before yesterdayIt was about the single 『ONE DROP』 that is releasing in FebruaryThe photos are shot prettily in adult-stylePlease look forward to itThen it's the filming of HEY!HEY!HEY!, during the free time, Koki and I went to the game centre
I'm manual
Koki is crane game masterInitially, it was hard to catch the Dragonball
Very fast, the master challengesUIIINand catch
Caught it
When the crane reached the peak, it vibrated at that moment and it droppedNow, it's time for the master's fireThen, the target changed in the challenge
〔Got it
Ah, finally got itThen it was given to me as a present
I tried to challenge catching a character, but I totally couldn't get itIndeed, I shouldn't hope to be a master
Then, it was air hockeyActually, I and the master are both good at it
The result was, a win around 1 to 15With this, my pride is intact

Then we went into the studios for the talkThis time, too, Downtown-san was fairly interestingAlso, we had a lot of interaction with Kinki KidsPlease watch

And the last work for the day was, yes, I think you know what it is,
『Tokyo Dome 7-day Concert』's meeting
It is a really amazing thing for us to challengeMeeting fans for these 7 days
My theme is 〔Zan
Brand new things, and records that Japanese have made, and common sense that we know till now, that kind of feeling
In this first meeting, a lot of suggestions were flying aroundI want to do magicAnd, the set's imageAh, what kind of changes will be in 7 days, etc, from now on, looking forward to this kind of feeling for the meetingsWe will do that, and before anything, we will work hard for the fans who are looking forward to come, please come
So, it was long
This was Junnosuke

Sorry for my lousy Japanese ne!! But Junno is really long-winded, hahaha!! XD

He's cute~ He has the exact same birth date as one of my best friends!! That's sooo cool~~~~!

I will edit this post when I understand more of it, haha! XD


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