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Nakai Masahiro no Super ★ Drama Festival 2009 New Year D-1 Grand Prix

Nakai Masahiro no Super ★ Drama Festival 2009 New Year D-1 Grand Prix


Grand 7 drama, 35 people, the handsome, Eita & Ikuta Toma VS Mizushima Hiro VS Mizobata Junpei VS Tanihara Shosuke VS Eguchi Yosuke VS Inagaki Goro ▽ Actresses Ghost Dream Battle Nakama Yukie VS Inoue Mao VS Hirosue Ryoko

The above is what I saw in the Fuji TV guide~

Apart from the beautiful people above, I also saw Eikura Nana, Ishihara Satomi, Kimura Ryo and Mukai Osamu!!

Fuji will have 7 new drama this season, so that's why the actors and actresses are in the special variety show to promote their drama~ They played a lot of games, but I only started watching from the guessing game~ It's a really ridiculous game, haha! I think only Junpei's team got it correct!! XD

Toma was great at imitating Nakai-senpai!! XD ♥ Toma's so cute with his new hairstyle!! IKEMEN!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Next, about 8 of the guys jumped rope together, lol~ There were loud shouts when Toma and Goro-senpai stood face to face and jumped together, haha..

Then it was bowling~ Eita totally missed the remaining 7 pins XD Goro, even worse, missed the whole 10 of them, haha!! Wow, Junpei is good at bowling! Then Nakai PK-ed him and he lost, wahahaha~~~!

In the end, the 1 million yen prize was awarded to Junpei's team! Haha~~!

Then a commercial came up~ CODE BLUE SP will be airing on Fuji at 9pm Japan time on 10 Jan 2009!! Remember to watch ne!! ♥

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