Monday, 5 January 2009 @ 23:36

NEWS' New Song in Tokyo Dome!

I made a post with the same title over at the old HJF@WordPress!!

Read some fans' blogs who attended the NEWS concert and I found out that this song's title might just be..



It's said that NEWS made this song themselves!! ♥

Let's listen to it here! I've uploaded it, hehe~ ^_~v

OMG~ It's such a nice song ne!! Even though it's muffled, haha~ Well, no choice, right? It's not for people who didn't attend their 1.1.09 concert to hear~ How I wish I was there!!

Anyway, like I've said before, the speed is challenging, I really like it~! The chorus is so nice too, as usual, haha~

Let's have a nice dream tonight! ♥



Anonymous said...

The song is so cute *_*
I hope they can realease it as a single or it'd be great if it can be a song for a new album *_*
I just like the idea of them writing a song togheter :)


HaruLoku said...

yeah, i think so too! it makes fans feel closer to the idols~~~ ♥ XD

Anonymous said...

Aaaah I'm really in love with this song,it's just amazing, i never get bored listening to it numerous Times, i Even Enjoy it more and more every time,thank you very much for the sharing ^-^

and actually its name is "share" exactly as you heard D:

as i heard too, they wrote & composed it also Dedicated it to their fans ♥♥♥

Its melody & Lyrics was charming,also knowing which part was written by whom exactly just from his personality & thoughts which we were familiar with for long as we know them -before we even listen to each one of them singing his part- makes it more a valuable & special to me :)

here are the Lyrics & English Translation ^-^ :

Thank you again for your great efforts :), I'm so happy to explore your blog ..Ganbatte kudasai ^-^



HaruLoku said...

hi Hal~!
thankz for ur message!! ^_^

i love the song too! thankz so much for the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!

can i post it here? if can, who do i credit? ^_^

thankz for visiting! come here anytime, everytime yo!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh,i actually forgot to mention that before !, so sorry :o

you can credit to :

1- heroismine :

For Romanji and for Identifying\referring to which parts sang by which member.

2-twinkling88 :

For the English Translation.

thanks so much to both of them ^^

and of course you can post the lyrics dear :), i was going to but i preferred a text file just to be more accurate ^-^

I'm sorry again for this unintentional forgetting :o

I'm so grateful for your warmth welcoming :), and of course I'll be a regular visitor here ;)



HaruLoku said...

dun need to feel sorry, it's ok!!!!!!!!

thankz for telling me who to credit! i will post it up soon!

^_^ ♥