Wednesday, 4 February 2009 @ 22:58

Cartoon KAT-TUN 4.2.09 Epi 95

Guests: Minami Akina and オードリー

We're seeing a lot of Kame, Ueda and Nakamaru! I guess it's because of Kami no Shizuku, Romeo & Juliet and RESCUE~

So, in this episode, there's Princess Akkina and Prince Kasuga, lol.. Prince Kasuga vs Kame for Princess Akkina's love, haha~~ Who wins? Of course you know the answer, haha~

Round 1: Confession
Winner: "The acorn-look-alike thing in the mistletoe x'mas decoration thingy"!!

Round 2: Drawing "Sentokun"
1st: Donut
2nd: Metal rod's Pikachu, wahaha!
3rd: Prince Kasuga
4th: "The acorn-look-alike thing in the mistletoe x'mas decoration thingy" [ROFL]

Then the funny men went into Jin's room, Junno's inside too~

Round 3: The disgusting nose thingy you would do when you're a kid!! You make it such that you sneeze, haha! The first one to sneeze is the winner, haha!! SO STUPID!!!!!!!
Winner: Guess who?! Wahahaha!!

Then Princess Akkina ran away answering a call, wahaha~

Then she went into Koki's room, the caretaker is in Koki's room too~ They were eating and then the funny men peeped in through by slightly opening the door, haha.. When Koki walked towards them, they shut the door and ran away! Then Princess Akkina said she will go and see, leaving a bewildered Koki, haha! So cute la Koki!! ♥ [By the way, one of my Japanese colleagues likes Koki best in KAT-TUN! Hehe~~]

Looks like Nakamaru is in trouble in the next episode!! Wahaha~~~ Poor thing, Hana!! XD

The ONE DROP commercial kept coming on, so excited!! *screams*

Remember to watch Cartoon KAT-TUN next week too ne!! ^_~♥

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