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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Nakamaru Yuuichi — 17.2.09


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Giving love to everyone reading the Jweb

It's me

Nakamaru Yuuichi

Now, it's the filming of Wink up's series page, then it's the recording of The Shounen Club at NHK Hall

Recently, due to the promotion of 「ONE DROP」 and 「RESCUE」, the 6 members of KAT-TUN get to be together a lot

Meanwhile, 「RESCUE」's video clip was completed and I saw it, it's perfect

[*The best completed work..... was numb]

[*Please watch a lot of it]

Please, definitely, check it out

And, recently, due to filming the drama RESCUE, I go to Yokohama a lot

The night scenery is beautiful

The next episode is the 5th, saving people will start.

Please look forward to this


I'm not sure about those sentences in [*here].. I put the literal translation instead, lol.. Handicap that I will overcome as I learn more in my Japanese classes!! I'll edit this post soon! GOMEN!!

Nakamaru is quite cool actually, despite how he's like in episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN, lol~~ I admire his beatboxing and dancing~ Jin should not bully him so much! Hahahahaha~~~ XD

Wow, RESCUE's video is already completed?! Sugoi~! I wanna see!!

O, about the full ONE DROP's lyrics, I'll post it as soon as possible! Bear with me meanwhile, thankz!! ^_^

Good night~!

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