Tuesday, 24 February 2009 @ 23:27

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Kamenashi Kazuya — 24.2.09


kazuya kamenashi MANUAL.35


This day, is drama 「Kami no Shizuku」's broadcast day

Here, question

Today, too, was the shooting of drama since morning, until the next job what did I do during the free time?

The answer is writing my journals

Here, there's a nice round "stamp" with his name 和也{Kazuya}!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was too busy to post yesterday, lol~ Gomen, Kame!

So, Kame is finally the same age as me! XD

He bought 3 big bags of present for himself today -_-" His reason is, because he couldn't shop recently. ....... LOL, he's a guy who loves shopping then.

What birthday present should I buy for myself then, even though I don't like shopping? LOL~ By the way, my birthday is 8 days after his~ Hoho XD

Also, by the way, it's Rina's 21st birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Who's Rina? She's P's younger sister! Wow, suddenly, there are so many fishes! I'm so happy, haha~

Kame is so cute~~~ ♥ *happy sigh*

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