Friday, 20 February 2009 @ 23:55

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 19.2.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
18.2.09 1815h

Saikin wa mekkiri dokusho ni hagendemasu.
Kotoshi ni haitte mou 3 satsu yomimashita.

Minasan mo hon wo yomou.


Good evening.
Recently, I've been concentrating on reading books.
Since the year started I've already read 3 books.

Everyone should read books too.

Wa, so cute! I'm so motivated to take out my books to read! I have about 4 books still unread! LOL~ Among them is Harry Potter 7.. OMG, feel so guilty now, lol, coz I've got the book ever since the day it was released.. XD

I wonder what kind of books he read? Is it a trend? Koki blog-ed earlier that he read a couple of books, haha~~

I think Ryo likes to read encyclopedia, lol~~~ XD I mean, I like to read encyclopedia too, they're very interesting~~

O, sorry for being late in posting this!!!!!!!!!

O yes, today, I received my ONE DROP and QUEEN of PIRATES!! YAY!!


Inside of ONE DROP! Royal gold and purple design, very nice!!

That's the purple audio CD that contains ONE DROP and D-T-S

The gold DVD that contains the Making of ONE DROP PV!

Front and back of QUEEN OF PIRATES, very cool, I love that skull!

The inside of the DVD case~ Black Disc 1~

White Disc 2~

Back and front of the booklet~ Very nice locket! The chain is rusted, so cool!

Inside of the booklet~ In the small pocket, you can see 'burnt' "WANTED" cards~!

I spread them out~ Very nice! One for each of them~

Turn them around and there are 4 pictures of them on each of their card! SCREAM!

Sooooo happy to finally receive them!! ♥

Well then, good night!!

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