Thursday, 26 February 2009 @ 23:49

Ryo's Message to YamaP 20.2.09

Nishikido Ryo

2000 kai omedetou gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!!

Hontou ni mainichi koushinshi tsuzukeru koto wa kantan na koto janai to omoimasu shi, mazu boku nara dekimasen.

Omoshiro okashii koto mo mainichi mainichi aru wake janai shi, nanigenai nichijou wo kiritori tsuzuketa
Kare wa ijin desu.

Sonna kare no mawari ni itsumo to kawaranai, suteki na mainichi ga ashita mo asatte mo tsuzukenai
I na to omoimasu.

Hontou ni omedetou gozaimasu.


Congratulations on hitting 2000!!!!!!!!!!!

I really think that persevering on updating everyday is not a simple task, I, for one, cannot do it.

It's not like there are interesting and funny things happening everyday, so for always being able to make interesting bits from everyday life
He is a great person.

For him to always, unchangingly, have wonderful days for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too
That's what I hope.

Really, congratulations.

When is the last time he used so many exclamation marks?! Haha..

Anyway~ So sweet~ Congratulating one's friend~

Ryo's right, it's hard to update everyday and to squeeze "blog-able" things everyday, haha..

Well, most of P's entry is about "food of the day" haha~ Which is interesting, you can know more about what he likes and what he doesn't, haha~ XD

I wish Ryo writes everyday, but that would mean I'll be busy like crazy, haha~ XD

I'm bad at ending posts.. so..

Ok, good night!! ♥

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