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Yamashita Tomohisa no Nikki vol. 1986 4.2.09

山下智久の日记 vol. 1986


Kyonen no imagoro wa 『Eiga Kurosagi』 no
Butai aisatsu deshita.

Hatsu no eiga shutsuen kara ichi nen.

Juujitsu shita yoi nen datta.

Kotoshi mo saikou no ichi nen ni narimasu youni.



This time last year was 『Movie Kurosagi』's
Promotional period.

It's already been one year since my movie debut.

A really enriching and wonderful year.

Hope that this year will also be a great year.

Ahhh, yes~~ The wonderful movie that got P addicted to learning English, lol~~

I really like that movie, it had lotsa P, wahaha XD Of course! *slaps myself on the head*

I hope NEWS can get out of Japan more often! Go to Taiwan to hold a concert again! Or better yet, come to Singapore for a concert!! Hahaha~~ I'll sure go, guaranteed. P can also put his English skills to use!! XD

I also hope that this year will be a good year, but a lot of those prediction thingy said that 2009 is a bad year for almost everyone -_-" But, well, we live our own life, so yeah, live without regrets, everyone!! ^_~

Ahhh, thinking of things to add to this webpage, lol~~ XD

Look forward to it ne! ^_~v


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