Wednesday, 25 March 2009 @ 23:28

Cartoon KAT-TUN 25.3.09 Epi 102

Guest is Becky again! ^_^

"I'm hungry"
"I'm sleepy"


OMG! NOSTALGIC!! They are challenging the eons-ago Super Mario!!



Nakamaru is good!

Kame is also not bad, haha~

They're time-attacking instead of scoring~

In the second round, Nakamaru beat himself~

Junno got the highest score among them~!

Kame got Nakamaru's old score, haha~

And Becky really sucks, hahaha! XD

So she had to do the forfeit! Drinking the super bitter tea!! LOL~!

In Jin's room, Jin and Kame are inside~! And in comes YANKUMI!! LOL~!! Becky does a nice impression of the real Yankumi! So funny!

Then she said she'd love to listen to students' troubles, lol~ So she pulled in two troubled students, and they asked them about love stuff, haha~

Then "Yankumi" talked about what kind of guys she likes.

Commercial time, KimuTaku's LEVI's ad and it's so super cool!! He can jump and fly! So damn handsome, haha XD

Becky says that she plans to focus on work for now and use the energy needed in a love relationship to focus on work, so it will be 200%, haha~ She said that it's fine to have only one love in her life, there's no need to be in a lot of relationship~

Then she left with the "students"~ Then Kame said something that made Jin go, "HUH?!" wahahahaha!! SO CUTE!

Kame said that his reaction should be "something the student mentioned", lol!

Ah, Jin should have done what Kame asked, HEHE! XD

In Koki's room, it's rappers' gathering~ They did the "nanana" thing, haha~~

There's an emergency announcement regarding KAT-TUN's 7-day concert this May! It says that it will be announced soon!

Next week, the "Guu" woman is gonna be the guest!! OMG! I love her! She's soooooo funny!! Hahaha! XD

Remember to tune in next week yo! GOOD NIGHT, MY DEAR! ^_~ ♥

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