Thursday, 2 April 2009 @ 15:11

NEWS 11th Single — 恋のABO -- Covers!

So happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~!! I've also updated my "11th Single" post below, so it looks all that much prettier, lol~ XD

Anyway, why aren't their faces in the Limited Edition [left]? Usually you get prettier cover for Limited and the one with no face for Normal, right? Hoho, it's because I'm buying the Normal one, that's why!! *runs for cover from rotten tomatoes* XD

Anyway, their sitting positions in the picture is one that we have never seen before, so some fans have commented that the positions feel weird, haha.. Well, yeah, coz usually, P is in the middle and Koyama is usually not in the middle but to the left side, that's what I feel, haha.. But the picture is so damn small to see anything.. One can only feel it, haha.. I feel that it continues the style of "color" which has a glamourous feel to it~ This single's cover's background looks like a nightclub though, lol.. And silver and red are strong in bringing out this sort of feeling~ It also reminds me of vampires, hahaha XD

How exciting would it be if NEWS members were to cosplay as vampires with pointy fangs?! OMG!~~~~ Sooooooooooo.. erotic? Hahahahahaha!! *ROFL*

I've also heard that a preview version of the song will be released tomorrow!! But I'll be in Taiwan already, NO COMPUTER!! Ah, it's ok, I'm gonna get it in May anyway, haha~~ XD

We're all still unsure about the OPEN YOUR EYES.. Is it the one that Ryo sang some time ago? It should be, shouldn't it?

Can't wait to see the PV~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ganbareeeeeeeeeee, NEWS no minasan!! ♥

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