Thursday, 16 April 2009 @ 23:51

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 16.4.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
15.4.09 2112h

Minasan, konbanwa. Nishikido desu.
Ikaga osugoshi desu ka?
Tsui ni dekimashita. PAZURU.
Minasan kiite kudasaimashita ka?
Konkai no ARUBAMU wa mune wo hatte o susume shimasu.
Ima made de ichiban suki na ARUBAMU desu.

Takusan no hito ni kiite hoshii desu.

Minasan senden shite ne


Everyone, good evening. I'm Nishikido.
How's everyone?
It's finally on sale. PUZZLE.
Have everyone listened to it?
This time's album is something which I can proudly stick out my chest to recommend.
It's my favourite album yet.

I wish for many people to listen to this album.

Everyone, please help with the advertising

It's his favourite.. I feel that I've let him down by not buying the limited edition!! OMG! How?! T_T

I don't know if it's available in HMV yet.. If it is, it's gonna be $40+++++ or worse, $60++++.. OMG!! T_T I have no money!! I so hate being poor!!

I really love their all-English song Glorious!! Refer to the lyrics and song in the posts below!

Ryo should sing more in English because his pronunciation is so good!! I wish I can hear him speak in English one day! Wow, then we can communicate, if we have the chance! Right? ENGLISH FTW!!!!!!!!!!! LOL~~~

This guy.. only when he is advertising, he is being nice to us by putting a heart icon or calling us his kitties -_-" XD

ARGH! I love him so damn much!! XD

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