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Yamashita Tomohisa no Nikki vol. 2056 21.4.09

山下智久の日记 vol. 2056


It's raining.

Nourish the farm ok. (laughs)

Today, I'll introduce yet another fan's message
Living in Fukuoka Prefecture~

『Good morning! To be honest. I came into Johnny's Web because of SMAP.』

Really honest. (laughs)

『yamapi doesn't really talk on TV shows, right?』
Correct! (laughs)

『I was wondering what you were thinking, so I took notice. Then I found out about your honesty and hardworking-ness..
I'm now a super fan of yours.
Even my son who's in Primary school is jealous』

Please try to support SMAP and me in conditions that won't make him jealous!
Yesterday's SMAP×SMAP was very interesting

Next is tomoka-san who's living in Okayama Prefecture.

『I read Tomohisa-kun's diary everyday
Since watching 「Proposal Daisakusen」 it should be around 2 years already ハレルヤ~チャンス!{HARERUYA~CHANSU!}』

Ok ok! I understand now! Just calm down (laughs)

『From now on, please continue to work hard on your job, and also diary

Why are there two 〔laughs〕 this mark?Hmm?
『I get courage from it everyday』

So, I will also work hard from now on
The age written was 10 to 19, it must be a student right?

In any case, work hard on your studies ☺
From now on, too, please support me

So, that's all
Next is going to watch television for today.

Feeling my emotions running high.

-- "mark" was written in English.

Wa~~~~~~~~~~ So super long since my last translation of P's diary! Sorry!

I wish that I live in Japan and that I subscribe to his jweb.. I wanna send him messages too! All in ENGLISH!! That will make him wanna post it, right? Hahaha~ XD

Well, good night then! XD


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