Saturday, 25 April 2009 @ 01:06

Yamashita Tomohisa no Nikki vol. 2059 24.4.09

山下智久の日记 vol. 2059


It's Music Station today!

Even though my hair has an amazing change,
I think that it's not bad once in a while (laughs)

We'll be performing on MS again next week!

My hairstyle may become a bit more normal next time (laughs)

Today's topic is

Following this, I think I will have to use the shampoo to wash my hair about three times!

Ah~People who hasn't seen MS may not be able to understand.

Today, I was in Music Station Live (^O^)

Then, my hair was made into an afro much like an African (laughs)
So, in order to make this afro flat, I have to use the shampoo to wash my hair three times now.(^o^)

Wahaha, so cute!!!!!!!!

I got a shock when I saw his hair!! LOL~!! It's sooooo AFRO! So funny!! XD

Then, they had on very funny sunglasses and Koyama even had a ribbon in his hair!! OMG!! ♥

And I can tell that Massu misses his old hairstyle-that-never-changed because his hair is almost back to its old self again!! XD

And Tego's hair is good in here!~ But his hair was bad in Myojo June issue!! LOL.. I bought it yesterday!! XD They were on the cover!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

O, today's MS Live.. Even though it's Koi no ABO's first appearance on TV, it was cut! Doesn't have the second verse! T_T Sad..

O! You can watch it here!! But this clip started with DBSK.. ARGH! That's such a stain on the clip! Oopz! XD Dun anyhow comment on this hor.

I have to go and sleep now!! Good night my dear!!

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