Thursday, 28 May 2009 @ 22:54

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 28.5.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
27.5.09 1325h


Hello everyone.

I'm Nishikido.

How's it going?

I'm soso

It's getting hotter these days

I started wearing beach flip-flops since April

But today, it's track shoes

I wear track shoes bare-footed.

It's still flat feet.



Went for a haircut without much ado, it can't sway with the wind anymore
Become a lot like Shimaki Jouji.
Just kidding, but it's become a lot more refreshing.

Even though I didn't have everything cut off, it's this kind of feeling today.

Light as a feather.

A, I wish to drink miso soup.

And it must be miso soup with seasoning.

That's it.

See you next week

-- "soso" was written in English.

-- Shimaki Jouji [13.9.1946-] is a Japanese comedian. Born in Amagasaki Shi, Hyougo Ken. Blood type is AB. Look at his picture~

Yay, nice post, Ryo! ♥

It somehow sounds a bit like P's style though, lol~~ XD

He wears track shoes without socks?! O.M.G............ *faints*

And well, flat foot.. Did he have it only now or have it since young? Get it treated properly~~~~~~~!

HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see how he looks like now!! LOL~~ Even if he goes bald, he will still be the best-looking baldie around! XD

I also wanna cut my hair, it's so freaking hot in my little island!! T_T

Ah, I also wanna drink miso soup~~~~~~~ XD

And Ryo used an emoticon! So cute~ XD

Well, good night, my dear reader~!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009 @ 23:02

Cartoon KAT-TUN 27.5.09 Epi 111

Dog lovers, Kame and Ueda [and 2 guests] went to Japan's first dog kindergarten!!

They challenged to be sensei!!

It's amusing to see dogs react to commands in another language!! I'm used to seeing dogs obey English commands, like Sit, Stand, Play Dead, etc.. But in other languages, it's amusing and amazing, haha~~

OMG, they're sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I wish I can rear a doggy!! But I can't T_T

I wonder why.. Kame and Ueda are popular with girls, right? They're popular with the dogs too!! HAHAHAHA~~~~ XD

They went to this cafe called Andy Cafe, it has 3 levels~ L1 is a cafe for humans and dogs, L2 is dog training room then B1 is their saloon, lol~~

The dog meals look as good as the human meals, lol!! XD No wonder people come from all over Japan!!

Next, Dog Life Design~ It's a place for learning and healing dogs~ If your doggy is bow-legged, you can heal it by massaging him/her~

They brought some stuff back to the studios~ Ever heard of dog beer?! Jin said it's sweet~ o.O I thought dogs' food doesn't have taste? Haha~

There's also a dog uranai game, so cute~ Turn to the number in the book when the ball stops at that number in the roulette~ This is so expensive!!

Wow, KAT-TUN's tour is never-ending!! They have summer tour too!!?? OMG!!

In next week's Cartoon KAT-TUN, we'll see scaredy-cat Nakamaru in the act again!! LOL~!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009 @ 00:00

I love Ryo

I love Ryo

Monday, 25 May 2009 @ 22:00

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 21.5.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
19.5.09 1915h


Nishikido Ryo desu.

Kono koro wa hon bakkari yondemasu.

Imi wa nai desu ga kotoshi yonda hon wo narabemasu.

Mazu FISSHUSUTOURII, kore wa hikouki no naka de yomimashita.

Suteki na monogatari ga tsume komaremashita. Eiga mo mi ni ikou to omottetan desu ga, naka naka ikezu ima mo mada mirarenai mama de imasu.

Hayaku mi ni iko.

Tsugi wa, Kokuhaku.

Kore wa omoshirokatta desu ne. Tashika honya taishou mo tottemashita ne. Iikata wa warui kamoshirenai desu ga, sugoku ijiwaru na hon dana to omoimashita.

Soshite tsudukete yonda no ga, Shoujo.

Kore mo kore de ijiwaru deshita.

Demo ikki ni yomimashita.

Tsugi ni yonda no ga GOURUDEN SURANBAA.

Boku jishin no kyoku wo shiranakattan desu ga, aru shigoto genba de yondeta toki ni Abbey Road wo kiki nagara yomu to motto monogatari ni itte ikeru yo. To genba ni ita RAITAA-san ni iware, suujitsu ato ni sono RAITAA-san to shigoto wo shita toki ni, Abbey Road no CD to Akunin to iu hon wo itadakimashita.

Kekka kara iu to, GORUDEN SURANBAA ga daisuki desu.

Kiki nagara hon wo yomi, yondenai toki mo Abbey Road wo kiitemashita.

BIITORUZU no ARUBAMU wa HOWAITO ARUBAMU to, suunen mae ni hatsubai sareta, hitotsu to iu ARUBAMU wa mottetan desu ga Abby Road ga kikkake de mata BIITORUZU wo kiki makuttemasu.

Chinami ni boku no naka no BESUTO3 wa Something

Black Bird

Eleanor Rigby desu ne.

Saa tsugi wa PARADOKKUSU13

Kore mo omoshirokatta desu. Demo sore to onaji toki ni chotto kowaku narimashita.

De, ima yonderu no ga Akunin desu. Mada zenhan nan desu ga, omoshirosou na nioi ga panpan shite masu.

Minasan mo tama ni wa hon wo yomimashou ne.

Omoshiroi yo

Ato wa DORAMA demasu.

Mina mite ne.


Good evening.

I'm Nishikido Ryo.

I've been reading a lot of books recently.

This may not have any meaning but I'll list out books that I've read this year.

Firstly, Fish Story, this was read on the plane.

Suteki na monogatari ga tsume komaremashita. Eiga mo mi ni ikou to omottetan desu ga, naka naka ikezu ima mo mada mirarenai mama de imasu.

I want to watch it soon.

Next, Confession.

This was interesting. Indeed the best-seller in the bookstore. Even though it's bad to say this, I think that it's quite a malicious book.

And then I read, Teenage Girl.

This was also a malicious book.

But I read it in one shot.

Next, I read Golden Slumber.

I didn't know this song, but there was once on the set the writer-san said that reading the script while listening to Abbey Road will allow one to understand the story better. I worked with the writer-san again after a few days, I received an Abbey Road CD and a book called Evil Person.

In the end, I love Golden Slumber.

I read it when listening to Abbey Road, when I'm not reading, I also listened to Abbery Road.

Even though Beatles' album White Album was sold a few years ago, I listen to it quite often.

By the way, my personal Best 3 is Something

Black Bird

Eleanor Rigby.

So, next is Paradox 13

This was also interesting. But at the same time, it's a bit scary.

So, I'm now reading Evil Person. I've only read till the first half, but it's very interesting.

Everyone, too, read sometimes.

It's interesting yo

Next is the upcoming drama.

Everyone, watch it, ok?

Sorry for being late!!

I was stunned to see the post, lol!!

It's been donkey years since his last long post!!

So I took extra long to translate this, sorry!!

Anyway, I love a man who reads!! Coz it's rather rare these days!! And I like to read as well!! ♥♥♥

Hmmm but I don't listen to Beatles XD

By the way, I read from somewhere, that he loves the TV console he made by himself~ He made it because he couldn't find any TV consoles that suit his standard! OMG!! This day and age, who would get down and make something?! I know I would, coz I like to make things, but to think that he likes it too! OMG!! I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH!! ♥♥♥

Another "by the way", I read from somewhere that P is gonna have a summer drama too! Fuji TV Mondays at 9pm JPT in July!! He's gonna be a basketballer! Aibu Saki is gonna be in it too, as his girlfriend!! Omg, I can't wait!! They are going to start shooting in early June!!

In other news..

SO HAPPY!! Ryo went to KAT-TUN's concert yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like, people's last day lor -_-"

Most important thing is, HE WENT!! XD He also sang songs with Jin!! ♥ OMG, I wanna watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009 @ 21:53

TBS KIN10 has Ryo and Takki!!

オルトロスの犬 「Orutorosu no Inu/Orthros」

Every Friday 10pm on TBS [Summer drama]
First episode will be a 75-minutes SP


With a touch of his hand, all pains and illnesses are healed, a man who possesses the "hands of God"

With a touch of his hand, people are killed, a man who possesses the "hands of the Devil"

Ryuuzaki Shinji (Takizawa Hideaki) is a leader-type of man who is very charismatic and mysterious. Nobody knows his past nor what he's thinking about. Showing no interest in money and status, Ryuuzaki continuously displays his incredible power and plays with people's hearts and lives. And, using this power, he gradually enters the business and political fields, planning to get more power. Just what is Ryuuzaki's true motive?

On the other hand, Aoi Ryousuke (Nishikido Ryo) is a teacher at a girls' private high school. Because of his strong sense of justice and honest personality, he is very popular with the students. Even though he hates his cursed power from the devil, for the sake of protecting his students, he continuously battles the various traps and tests that Ryuuzaki throws his way, and he keeps chasing the man with the "hands of God".

They were brought together by someone who knows about their powers. Ryuuzaki used fanciful words to deceive Aoi, using Aoi's power to kill for him. …… and Ryuuzaki says to Aoi in a low voice,
"Offer your power for me. If my healing power and your killing power were to combine, the 2 of us can change the world……"

Gradually, Ryuusaki and Aoi's covered mysterious relationship and past becomes brighter.

Having this kind of special powers, and people who wants to enter into God's territory, it will be a tragedy if this kind of power is used.

Aoi, having found out he's been used, wakes up to the idea of changing Ryuuzaki.
Will he be able to stop Ryuuzaki who is planning to become God?


Nishikido Ryo

I'm acting as Aoi Ryousuke, I can understand his extraordinary pain because despite having such a kind personality, he possesses the "hands of the devil". If I'm like Aoi who possesses the "hands of the devil", I don't think I will use it. On the other hand, if I have the "hands of God", I will do my best to help people, but I may lose myself, so I will probably use it wisely.

It's my first time acting with Takizawa-kun, but I've always admired him for his masculinity. But to not rely on Takizawa-kun too much, I will do my very best. As for the audience, I hope this will become a speedily exciting drama that plays with them.


Finally, a drama from Ryo! And Takki!!

It's Takki's first serial drama since his last one in 2005!!

This will be very interesting, especially for Ryo because his character is kind, yet his touch kills, it's gonna be such a contradicting feeling and character!! ♥

This is gonna be airing in July, I expect! OMG~! I so can't wait!! XD

Ganbatte ne!! ♥

Thursday, 14 May 2009 @ 23:39

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 14.5.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
14.5.09 0225h

Ryo desu.

Minasan genki desu ka?
Boku wa *soso* desu.

Jaa, toku ni nain ikimasu.

Ima yonderu hon kara



Ken en

Ken eki


















Good evening.
I'm Ryo.

How is everyone?
I'm soso.

So, I'll start with nothing special.

Start from the book I'm reading now



Completely incompatible

Check up














Rich in taste/Laid-back

Radio show.....


-- "soso" was written in English.

Soso is actually "So-so", haha.. But I love seeing him use English XD ♥

Wow, linking word game again!

2+am still don't sleep -_-" Don't copy me! LOL~ Must sleep earlier!!

PARADOX 13 is a new book written by Higashino Keigo, the author of Ryuusei no Kizuna!


That's copied and pasted from the Japanese Wikipedia, it's this book's "catch copy" a.k.a tag line.

「If the world is to change, good and evil will change too. Killing may even become good. This is a story about that」

OMG! Sounds like my kind of book!! How I wish the book can be translated into English!! Grrr!

Why did he forget his dream?! LOL.. He should have dreams all the time, since he's living out many people's dream! Hmmm, he may have been talking about the characters in the book forgetting about their dreams, haha XD

Mitokoumon is a long-life TV drama about fictional stories of this samurai called Tokugawa Mitsukuni's travels. If I remember correctly, Hasegawa Jun acts in it~

From this linking word game, the brothers in the book, Paradox 13, do not get along at all, lol.. Then there's the "jail" word.. ARGH, so interesting!! I wanna read it!!

I love people who reads~ ^_^ I'm reading Agatha Christie's Murder is Easy now, very interesting, hoho~

O! He said "Ryo" instead of the usual "Nishikido"~!! Hehe ♥ Just feel happy, hee~

Well then, good night my dear!! ♥

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 @ 22:56

Cartoon KAT-TUN 13.5.09 Epi 109

O wow~~~~! This is my first time watching this since after finishing episode 104!! I've missed watching this for one month plus!! T_T April was a busy month.. T_T

I miss KAT-TUN..

It's changed!! Colourful CG lions!! So cute!! It was changed since last week! I wasn't too late XD

They're back to the studios~! Yay!!

Today, Kame, Koki and Ueda climbed Takaosan~ Hmmm, it was mentioned in Ryo's Jweb earlier!! o.O

天狗焼き looks delicious~! They also brought something for Nakamaru, wahaha~

Next week will be Jin, Taguchi and Nakamaru's turn!

15th is the start of their 8-day concert!! That's in 2 days' time!! GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 11 May 2009 @ 11:35

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 7.5.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
6.5.09 1829h

Minasan konbanwa.
Iyo iyo TSUAA ga hajimarimasu.
Ugai tearai wo kakasazu ni mawari kire reba to omotte imasu.


Everyone, good evening.
Finally, the tour is going to start.
Running everywhere, must remember to rinse mouth and wash hands frequently.
I will work hard

H1N1 is everywhere except in my country! Even Japan has 4 cases now! This is so worrying for our idols!

Tour concerts will have a lot of people, I'm sure they will do a good job on the safety stuff! But still, it's worrying..

It seems like K8 is always having tour while NEWS is always very free.. T_T

Have you watched yesterday's Shounen Club? P was on it alone, he danced and sang MOLA! My youngest sister thinks he's sexy, but to me, I think he danced really well! Great job~! ♥

No appearance of Ryo.. so sad.. T_T I miss him so much~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, 1 May 2009 @ 00:00


Happy 25th Birthday, Koyama!!

Woah, now he's become older than me~

Hope that he will be bullied less often by Tego, haha XD