Wednesday, 27 May 2009 @ 23:02

Cartoon KAT-TUN 27.5.09 Epi 111

Dog lovers, Kame and Ueda [and 2 guests] went to Japan's first dog kindergarten!!

They challenged to be sensei!!

It's amusing to see dogs react to commands in another language!! I'm used to seeing dogs obey English commands, like Sit, Stand, Play Dead, etc.. But in other languages, it's amusing and amazing, haha~~

OMG, they're sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I wish I can rear a doggy!! But I can't T_T

I wonder why.. Kame and Ueda are popular with girls, right? They're popular with the dogs too!! HAHAHAHA~~~~ XD

They went to this cafe called Andy Cafe, it has 3 levels~ L1 is a cafe for humans and dogs, L2 is dog training room then B1 is their saloon, lol~~

The dog meals look as good as the human meals, lol!! XD No wonder people come from all over Japan!!

Next, Dog Life Design~ It's a place for learning and healing dogs~ If your doggy is bow-legged, you can heal it by massaging him/her~

They brought some stuff back to the studios~ Ever heard of dog beer?! Jin said it's sweet~ o.O I thought dogs' food doesn't have taste? Haha~

There's also a dog uranai game, so cute~ Turn to the number in the book when the ball stops at that number in the roulette~ This is so expensive!!

Wow, KAT-TUN's tour is never-ending!! They have summer tour too!!?? OMG!!

In next week's Cartoon KAT-TUN, we'll see scaredy-cat Nakamaru in the act again!! LOL~!!

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