Friday, 15 May 2009 @ 21:53

TBS KIN10 has Ryo and Takki!!

オルトロスの犬 「Orutorosu no Inu/Orthros」

Every Friday 10pm on TBS [Summer drama]
First episode will be a 75-minutes SP


With a touch of his hand, all pains and illnesses are healed, a man who possesses the "hands of God"

With a touch of his hand, people are killed, a man who possesses the "hands of the Devil"

Ryuuzaki Shinji (Takizawa Hideaki) is a leader-type of man who is very charismatic and mysterious. Nobody knows his past nor what he's thinking about. Showing no interest in money and status, Ryuuzaki continuously displays his incredible power and plays with people's hearts and lives. And, using this power, he gradually enters the business and political fields, planning to get more power. Just what is Ryuuzaki's true motive?

On the other hand, Aoi Ryousuke (Nishikido Ryo) is a teacher at a girls' private high school. Because of his strong sense of justice and honest personality, he is very popular with the students. Even though he hates his cursed power from the devil, for the sake of protecting his students, he continuously battles the various traps and tests that Ryuuzaki throws his way, and he keeps chasing the man with the "hands of God".

They were brought together by someone who knows about their powers. Ryuuzaki used fanciful words to deceive Aoi, using Aoi's power to kill for him. …… and Ryuuzaki says to Aoi in a low voice,
"Offer your power for me. If my healing power and your killing power were to combine, the 2 of us can change the world……"

Gradually, Ryuusaki and Aoi's covered mysterious relationship and past becomes brighter.

Having this kind of special powers, and people who wants to enter into God's territory, it will be a tragedy if this kind of power is used.

Aoi, having found out he's been used, wakes up to the idea of changing Ryuuzaki.
Will he be able to stop Ryuuzaki who is planning to become God?


Nishikido Ryo

I'm acting as Aoi Ryousuke, I can understand his extraordinary pain because despite having such a kind personality, he possesses the "hands of the devil". If I'm like Aoi who possesses the "hands of the devil", I don't think I will use it. On the other hand, if I have the "hands of God", I will do my best to help people, but I may lose myself, so I will probably use it wisely.

It's my first time acting with Takizawa-kun, but I've always admired him for his masculinity. But to not rely on Takizawa-kun too much, I will do my very best. As for the audience, I hope this will become a speedily exciting drama that plays with them.


Finally, a drama from Ryo! And Takki!!

It's Takki's first serial drama since his last one in 2005!!

This will be very interesting, especially for Ryo because his character is kind, yet his touch kills, it's gonna be such a contradicting feeling and character!! ♥

This is gonna be airing in July, I expect! OMG~! I so can't wait!! XD

Ganbatte ne!! ♥


midori said...

that's fantastic!!
Thanks for the info and the ryo personal comment ^^
wow, I really forward this drama ^^

HaruLoku said...

Gracias for leaving me a message!~

I'm really excited too!! ^_^