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24 Hour TV Special, Nishikido is the Lead!

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24 Hour TV's Special, it's Nishikido in the lead this year
Updated 6 June 5am

「Nii Ni no Koto wo Wasurenai de」[Things About My Brother That I Can't Forget], the night drama for the 24 Hour TV airing on 29 August will be led by Nishikido Ryo from the popular group, NEWS ◆ The story is about the strong love between a boy named Kawai Keisuke [i haven't figured this out yet] "big brother", who passed away at the young age of 23 due to having a tumor in his brain diagnosed when he was 15, and the people around him. Youth, the period of life that is full of hope, yet it is always linked with "death", playing this character, Nishikido-kun gave this comment, "In the days that pass normally without noticing, we tend to forget the precious value of our family, friends and lover, in order to feel the happiness of tomorrow-will-always-come, I will work hard"◆His mother will be played by Kuroki Hitomi and father by Jinnai Takanori (50).

OMG! Let's scream! I never expected that they would give him the lead! I thought it would be P for sure because he is NEWS leader!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SooooooO DAMN HAPPY!!

Playing the 4-years-younger little brother is Yamada Ryousuke from Hey!Say!JUMP! Playing their mother is the beautiful Kuroki Hitomi, who has acted in numerous other dramas like, First Love as Takki's mother~ Playing their father is Jinnai Takanori, the same actor for Aya's father in One Litre of Tears. So this is the 2nd time for Ryo and Jinnai to act in a drama together!!

I'm sure Ryo will do a great job, I'm so super looking forward to it! I'm sure I'm gonna cry when watching the drama because that's the way I am.. XD

Good night, sweet dreams, girls! ☺


midori said...

Wow, that's great!!!!!
I'm really happy!!
Congratulations to Nishi-kun!!
I want to see this drama!!
Thanks for the notice Haru!!

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HaruLoku said...

yeah, midori-chan and laru-chan!!

this is wonderful news, i was really surprised! we should have, like, a celebration or something! HAHAHA XD

o, u're welcome! thankz for talking to me in here! ^_^