Wednesday, 10 June 2009 @ 23:08

Cartoon KAT-TUN 10.6.09 Epi 113

I'm a little late~ T_T It's Nakamaru's bungee challenge SP!!

When I tuned in, it's the first day of Nakamaru's bungee challenge during the record-breaking KAT-TUN concert!!

1st day, 20m = ×
2nd day, 20m = ×
3rd day, 10m = 〇!
4th day, 10m = 〇!
5th day, 10m? 20m? = ×
6th day, 10m? 20m? = ×
7th day, 10m? 20m? = ×! He found someone to stand in for him using a voucher!! LOL!!
8th day, the last day, 20m = 〇!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So super happy to see him finally jump!! OMG!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Saw the advertisement for Gokusen the movie! It opens on the 11th of July in Japan!! I wanna watch it!!

After the break, Yamada Ryousuke said something to Nakamaru who said, "OI!!" Wahahaha!! XD

Tune in next week too, the regular episode resumes! 大家族のオキテ!

Good night my dear you~ ^_^v

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