Wednesday, 17 June 2009 @ 23:03

Cartoon KAT-TUN 17.6.09 Epi 114

It's about a huge family this week!! 9 people!!

It can be fun to have a huge family but.. it can be very messy and noisy!! LOL~ I have 2 younger sisters and we are noisy enough, haha! XD

We can see Kame doing some housework! LOL~

The head of the family, PAPA, is so damn funny! XD

Koki is cute ^_^ Don't understand why people don't see beyond his exterior, haha~

The huge family have to wash the laundry 3~4 times a day!! The children sleep in a very small room, 4 children on 3 futon.. I'm totally reminded of my cousins' house in the neighbouring country..

Next week will be the 2nd part~!

Saw the advertisement for Harry Potter 6.. how come they get to open it one day before us?! And Transformer 4 days before us?! T_T I can't wait to watch them!!

Tune in next week too! Good night~!! ♥ ^_~

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