Wednesday, 3 June 2009 @ 22:59

Cartoon KAT-TUN 3.6.09 Epi 112

11:08pm, it finally is on-air!!

Today, it's about Scaredy Cat Nakamaru overcoming his fear for heights!!

He starts with a 44cm height......... -_-"

Then a 90cm one....................... -_-"

Then jungle gym then slide........... -_-"

Then a pair of 13cm LONDON BOOTS, he wears them and moves to another place~

10metres!!!!!!!! Nakamaru keeps saying IMPOSSIBLE, lol!!

He says that having Jin behind him is very uneasy, haha!

So he starts from 1m, haha~~ XD But he still finds excuses!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, hahaha~~


Then back to the studios, we guess what Nakamaru's limit is, lol~~

He has 2 hours to accomplish all the jumps!

Even 3m, he has difficulties, haha! OMG.. NAKAMARU!!!!!!!!

At 5m, he is very scared but he made it!!!!!!!!!

At 7.5m, he is very anti-climax, haha! Jin is frustrated with waiting, hahaha~ He stood there from 47minutes remaining to 16minutes remaining!! OMG!!

At 10m, he cannot even stand!! LOL~~ Actually, I don't understand why it's so hard..?!!?!?!? I'm just like Taguchi in this, I love heights!!!!! XD

So, not completing the challenge = treat the staff to yakiniku, haha~~ Look at the "size" of the receipt, haha!

Tune in next week too!

Good night, my dear reader you! ^_~

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