Monday, 8 June 2009 @ 13:31

Newest and Youngest Group from Johnny's

I'm a few days late about this but there's a new group from Johnny's!

優馬 w/ B.I.Shadow is their name! Originally, it has "Nakayama" attached to "Yuma", but I think Johnny realised that it's too long and it makes a certain announcer read it wrongly, haha.. So that's why he shortened it.

Leader: Nakayama Yuma, 15 years old, respects Akanishi Jin and Yasuda Shota.

Nakajima Kento, 15 years old, from Tokyo, likes to eat meat, sushi and bananas.

Kikuchi Fuma, 14 years old, just started drinking black coffee.

Matsumura Hokuto, 13 years old, is proud to own a black belt in karate.

Kochi Yugo, 15 years old, respects Kamenashi Kazuya.

Average age: 14.4 [o.O]

I watched the 5 June 09 Music Station, they performed their single, Akuma na Koi [Evil Romance] and I think it's quite a good performance.

Morimoto Shintaro sings with them too and a bunch of Johnny's Jr. were their backdancers.

I dunno much about them.. as I seldom watch Shounen Club. But I thought that Kis-My-Ft2 or B.A.D. will be next to debut because generally more people know about them, right? Is it because they're too old to debut?!

I mean Fujigaya Taisuke is quite good-looking, right? It's a bit of a waste to keep him in Jr. and not debuting.. Haha.. And B.A.D. has acted in Gokusen 3 and will be in the Gokusen movie this July too! If they debut, a lot of people will be happy~

HipHopJUMP is more interesting too, what with Koki's little brother being a member and also having a black American too~

Anyway, back to the newly-debuted group.. Who the hell is Kochi Yugo?! I've never seen him before and wiki doesn't have him in the Jr. list too~ o.O?

I've seen Yuma on Shounen Club and I never knew why he is always "important", haha.. I mean.. IN MY OPINION, he's not good-looking, his eyes are too big. Looks scary.

The other 3 are ok, not super good-looking but not ugly, they're quite cute, they pass ^_^

But the unknown.. *shakes head* What happened to his eyes? XD

Well, may they be successful!

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