Thursday, 4 June 2009 @ 23:28

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 4.6.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
3.6.09 2023h


Hello everyone
I'm Nishikido

How's everyone?

dome has ended, the next stop is Kumamoto

I will work hard

I've finished reading Evil Person, I'm now reading Modern Times
My reading streak is still continuing

Wish everyone have a happy weekend

So cute~ Read so fast~

His recent entries are no longer one-sentence or stuff like that ne! So happy, haha~ But it's always about books now, haha XD

I like it when he uses emoticons, coz I think it feels like he did put in effort into writing this entry~! ♥ ^_^

Ah~ I wanna see his new image after the haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I think it will happen in the August or September issue of the magazines like WinkUp and Myojo!

I'll try to be patient and wait~~~~~ ♥

Good night!! ♥

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