Monday, 13 July 2009 @ 21:23

Buzzer Beat Epi 1!

I caught the last bit XD

I totally forgot about it because I was watching My Girlfriend is a Cyborg for the 3rd time XD

But I did tune in to Buzzer Beat at about 9:12pm my time, that's 10:12pm for them~

The kiss will only happen next week!! XD

But I really don't like the female lead who is not-so-pretty! Aibu Saki is so much prettier!! Why does she have to act as a bad girl?! T_T

Basketballer usually doesn't don P's kinda hairstyle, yeah? Just doesn't suit a sportsman.. T_T

In the end, what I don't like is the curly hairstyle, haha! XD

Well, let's look forward to the next episode!! ♥

P.S.: I made a new P icon! Hope you like it! XD ♥

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