Saturday, 4 July 2009 @ 00:00


Happy Birthday to Jin and Massu!!

They're exactly 2 years apart~! Jin turns 25 and Massu turns 23! Omedetou!

Jin left the "24 years old" club, now he's older than me again~! XD I thought he wants to get married and have children? He should do it soon, haha!! XD

I hope Massu's first album with Tego will do very well! I'm gonna buy it for sure, I love Tegomass' harmony!! They sing so well!! ♥

Both Jin and Massu sing very well, I really love them so much~! XD ♥

P.S.: You know what? 3 years later today, Transformers 3 will be released!! OMG!! ♥

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