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Orthros no Inu Episode 1!!

オルトロスの犬 第一回
神の手を持つ悪魔 悪魔の手を持つ天使

Started at exactly 10pm there and 9pm here!

**********Spoilers ahead*********

A dark and stormy night, a dark figure is on the rooftop.

Aoi Ryousuke has parents and a sister, seems like a pretty happy family, but he doesn't live with them.

Ryuuzaki Shinji is in a dark cell watching news. The evil reporter from Maou seems to be evil in this show too, haha..

Aoi sensei's student, Kana, talks to him about something and he tells her to leave it to him.

Hasebe Nagisa is a brave policewoman. She tries to arrest the bad kids by herself, end up, someone has to rescue her [not intended anyway]. In turn, one of the bad kids dies.

Maezono Chiharu, the forensic doctor is creepy, like, she loves the corpses, like they're just her experimental subjects, haha..

Nagisa asks about the cause of death. Chiharu says it's 天罰. [ten batsu/punishment from heaven]

After visiting his student, Aoi goes to turn himself in. He feels guilty.

"Boku no te wa akuma no te nandesu," he says to Nagisa.
"My hands are Devil's hands"

They don't believe him. Of course, haha..

Nagisa has a daughter and a researcher boyfriend. Her daughter has asthma and seems to have a lot medicine.

They discuss about extraordinary powers.

First episode and he's already in jail.. T_T

Nagisa goes to visit Ryuuzaki and tells him about Aoi and even shows him a picture of him. The bald guy laughs creepily. She is told by the bald guy that Ryuuzaki has the hands of God.

Ryuuzaki is in a special cell, it seems like he killed 3 people in the past, I think.

He makes it seem like he wanna heal her arm, but he doesn't and asks Nagisa to bring Aoi to see him. She asks if he knew him, he says, "Saa.."

Aoi is released. He is on his way to see Kana when Nagisa steps out of her car to confront him.

She asks him what does he think of "God's hands".

It seems like Kana's condition is not improving at all. Her mother cries painfully.

Aoi decides to see the one with God's hands. But the bald guy says that Nagisa cannot go in, only the one with Devil's hands can.

Bald guy warns Aoi about Ryuuzaki that he's a very dangerous guy, having killed 3 person already but Aoi stops him saying that he knows.

Ryuuzaki asks him about his feeling when he can kill just by touching.

Ryuuzaki says he doesn't feel anything when healing people. Aoi says that he should use his power to save people.

Ryuuzaki tries to persuade Aoi to kill someone, he says he can bring him back to life.

He says that they are the same, what would people think of monsters like them.

He says that he can save people using these hands. Bla bla..

Aoi kills that someone and lets Ryuuzaki out. When he doesn't carry out his promise, Aoi realises he is deceived by him.

He says that bringing people back to life is something even he can't do and that they are not monsters.

Nagisa hesitates.

Ryuuzaki says that more interesting stuff will come in the future.

**********End of episode 1*********

Ended at 11:08pm there and 10:08pm here!

Poor naive sensei.. Deceived by the evil Ryuuzaki.

Very interesting but not so fast yet. But just from the first episode, everything is linked, except the politician part. Good!

Wanna watch the next episode!! XD

Ja, good night!!


colors_of_joy said...

Hello Again :) it's been a while since i came here ^^ - back then i was "Anonymous" without a blog P: -

i really enjoyed reading your interesting summary about the 1st episode of the drama ^_^

i even hardly keep myself from reading the 2nd review as i didn't see the new EP yet :cry:

I'm actually waiting for the download links\torrent till now :cry:

I'm so excited for this drama,everything in it makes me want to watch it ^^

it's enough for me the amazing gathering of my lovely tackey ♥ & sweet ryo-chan ♥ ^^ they are both talented actors\artists and i know they will do their best to make it a good drama.

i like the first Ep and I'm expecting more progress through the upcoming Episodes till the end ^^

ohhh.i find Ryuuzaki creepy just because the man has no heart at all!!

how can he said that he felt nothing while he was healing people ?! s:

somehow he's actually suffering from his healing hand! it couldn't have any effect on his dark & evil heart !

I'll really hope for an twisted & complicated kind of evil person,because evil with one side only make it typical & boring character -_-

i thought Aoi was a classic good guy,but it turns that he can somehow control his power ...if he manage his anger ? :s ,i think it will bring more excitement to his role as he will have to choose & decide what to do next ! *-*

By the way,i wonder if you know already about the community of the drama dear?


Ganbatte~ Ryo-chan ♥ ,Ganbatte ~ Tackey-kun ♥..

I'll we pray for them to get the best always ^^

I'm really glad to be here again ^_^

and I'm grateful more than i can say for you for keeping translating & updating Ryo Chan's J-WEB ♥♥

Ganbatte kudasai dear ,because it always a joy to read anything from you :)

sorry for disturbing & for the long feedback :o

Best Regards :)


HaruLoku said...

hi Hal!!

thankz for ur message, i'm really happy!! ^_^

wow, that LJ community is nice, but i dun have an LJ account XD

i'm so glad that NYA is subbing the drama and they released the 1280 version too, we can see the drama in HD!! XD

i think that Ryuuzaki is evil and very clever, he lies and acts just to gain people's trust, omg~~~~ i love Tackey for taking this role, never seen an evil Tackey before XD

i think Aoi is interesting because he is an angel yet he can DECIDE to kill a person, lol~~ but he kills for good reasons XD

ur feedback is definitely not disturbing me nor is it long, i'm very happy!! thankz once again!!