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Orthros no Inu Episode 2!!

オルトロスの犬 第二回

Argh, it's lagging very badly!! T_T But when it's commercial, it's in sync -_-"

There might be spoilers ahead XD

Aoi finds a talisman in his room that is the same as something he finds elsewhere.

Kumakiri is stabbed, but nothing happens to him. He is useful.

Ryuuzaki finds out that Nagisa's daughter is sick.

Nagisa fails and flares up in the office.

Aoi visits Kana and Ryuuzaki appears. He appears to want to heal her but retracts his hand before he touches her.

They visit another terribly sick and rich person in his house. He throws something to Ryuuzaki after showing him a briefcase full of letters. He desperately wants Ryuuzaki to heal him.

Nagisa stalks Kumakiri and he immediately goes back to his own house.

Aoi and Ryuuzaki return to the hospital, a big crisis happens that sends a lot of people to the hospital. Ryuuzaki says that he can't save them.

He tells Aoi to kill one of them. So that he may be able to save a child who is with them. He says that that person won't have anyone being sad that he's dead.

He says, "I will save that kid if you.." I don't understand what he said.. T_T

He dies. Ryuuzaki smiles and leaves. Kumakiri rests his head on the wall. Aoi sees Ryuuzaki's smile.

All the kids in the emergency room have no more pain.

Kumakiri calls Haruko and he laughs.

Ryuuzaki stands in Kana's room.

**********End of episode 2*********

It makes one wonder who he's doing it for.. for himself, of course, but for who to see? Aoi or Kumakiri senior?

He will gain Aoi's trust, he will make Kumakiri believe him.

He is always forcing Aoi to kill people!! So evil!! T_T

Maybe because of the lagging video and the fact that I don't understand the audio-only episode, that I feel it's still not as speedy as they always say it is.

The plot progressed a little bit from episode 1, I wonder what this drama will turn out to be, haha..

Ganbatte ne, Ryo! ♥

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