Monday, 6 July 2009 @ 04:01

Tegomass -- Tanabata Matsuri Soft Subs

Yup, I didn't sleep, haha.. XD It's ok if it's for Tegomass, ne? ^_^

Also, I pre-ordered Tegomass no Uta, limited edition of their first album!! I think it's worth it because they sing very well, their harmony is great and they're cute!! Hahaha XD ♥

Here are the download links for the soft subs. There is no translation. This fits the 3minutes 20seconds PV. ENJOY!! ♥

Download the Kanji-only softsub.

Download the Kanji + Romaji softsub.

Remember to change their name to the PV's name that you're viewing~ ^_^

You can share it in other sites, but it'd be nice to credit me and leave a message here~ ^_^ Thankz!

Well, I should sleep now, good night!! ♥

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