Saturday, 29 August 2009 @ 23:17

24 Hour TV!

I switched on NTV again at 11pm~~ The 14-year-old Becky is so cute~!! She's still cute now

I decided not to watch Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide because I want to fully understand what they are talking about when I get the subs and then cry like crazy. LOL

Imoto is still running!! Amazing!! GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi ♥ ~~

when i got back from my forced Hiatus >_< , i found that amazing newsfan had subbed almost every segment NEWS had done ^^ ,you can found them here:

and of course if you need the rest of the segments that not include news you can found them here ( but as Raw) :

about Niini :cry: , we wait a lot for the sub-teams who announced earlier that they will sub the Drama but nothing came up unfortunately till now :( , so newsfan - our usual life savior ^_^ - decided to make a soft sub for it as quick solution until they release their own ^^

so you can found it here :

Ryo Chan was more than great :cry: he almost killed me from crying in many scenes <_> all that and it was RAW ! I don't know what will i do when i watched it again with subs? :O..ohhh Gooood !

but I'm glad that he the was the one who act in it ,also happy for his first lead role ever ^^

hope you enjoy it dear :) ,don't forget to prepare the handkerchief & towels and anything you can wipe your overflowing Namida with T_T.

by the way,you asked me earlier about where i live ,it's Egypt Dear ^ ^ so we are 7 hours behind Japan *_*,so they always they saw the sunrise of the new day before us ^^

Hope Everything goes well with you dear ,wish you the best always:) ,take care ♥



HaruLoku said...

hi Hal~!!!!!!!

glad u're back!!

i watched all the segments that newshfan had subbed already and they're all great! i love the Darts Trip!

as for Niini, i watched both the chinese and english subs, so i watched it twice!! lol~~~ Niini made me sooooo sad!

wow, u live in Egypt~~! so far away~ my time is 1 hour behind Japan only, i'm from Singapore~ ^_^

u take care too, it's season change time~! ^_^