Wednesday, 12 August 2009 @ 22:59

Cartoon KAT-TUN 12.8.09 Epi 122


Matsuoka Shuuzou no Okite Part 2!!

They eat soba and they continue the tennis training~

He breaks into "Real Face" suddenly again! Hahaha

They challenge the 10 continuous thingy, Ueda and Koki~ They will take turns to hit the ball once, back and forth with Matsuoka-san, but they keep failing!!

But they finally made it

*Argh, it's lagging soooo badly!! *

It's Kame's turn! He does it like it's easy!

What did they bring to the studios for the other members who weren't there? Hehe!!

In a commercial, ARASHI will be in Disneyland!! OMG!~ I wanna go!!

Cya next week!

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