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Live DVD「Kanjani∞ TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE」

Live DVD「関ジャニ∞ TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE」2009.09.23 発売決定!!

Live DVD「Kanjani∞ TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE」 will be released on 2009.09.23!!

A パッケージ:∞show(エイトショー)ドキュメント盤
A package: ∞show Documentary

収録内容 Contents


「関ジャニ∞ TOUR 2009 PUZZLE」東京ドーム公演 [Tokyo Dome, 1st and 2nd June]

特典映像 [Special Footage]
「ひとつのうた」 初披露in京セラドーム大阪 ["Hitotsu no Uta" first public appearance in Osaka's Dome]
「パズル」 Music Film ["PUZZLE" Music Film]
「パズル」 Documentary Film

※本編エンドロール:「ローリング・コースター」ver.(コンサート映像使用) [Ending credits: Concert version of "Rolling Coaster"]

B パッケージ:∞笑(エイトショー)ドッキリ盤
B package: ∞shou DOKKIRI

収録内容 Contents


「関ジャニ∞ TOUR 2009 PUZZLE」東京ドーム公演

特典映像 [Special Footage]
「ガチでやりました 村上信五の夢叶えちゃいます ドッキリスペシャル」
24P写真集ブックレット封入[24 pages of photo booklet included]

※本編エンドロール:「ワッハッハー」ver.(オフショット映像使用)[Ending credits: Off-shot/candid version of WAHAHA]

★緊急企画!! [Special Project!!]

[DVD release momento! Special event is decided!!
"A, B packages' Limited Edition will include the voucher for the special event"
Will be held in entire nation's 5 main cities (Sapporo・Tokyo・Nagoya・Osaka・Fukuoka)!!]

Wow~~~~~~~~~~~ DVD!!

Ah~ But I'm not very interested in K8........ If not because of Ryo.. Haha.. XD

Thankz for the heads up, Hal-chan!! ♥~

So, here are the pre-order links at!!

Pre-order Package A: ∞show Documentary here!
Pre-order Package B: ∞shou DOKKIRI here!


Hal said...

unfortunately it's not affordable
for me :cry:

because if i think to buy it I'll have to buy the both Versions (the limited & the regular)! s: ,and it's kind of expensive for me :cry:

the covers are out by the way ^^ :

it's really great news,cause the Eito hadn't any DVD Since 2007 with DVD 47 !

i wish them good luck ^^ Gambatte Eito ~

at first i liked them only cause ryo-chan really do love & appreciate them,and because he is one of them ;),but later when i got to know them well i found them really great persons,and begun to feel how kind & friendly they are really ^^ & begun to understand why he loves them that much and considered them as a family always ^^

but still,my NEWS are the first & biggest Love in my heart♥ ,they're in Special place that can not ever be touched ♥ ^^

Thanks a lot dear for the head-up ^^ ,and grateful for your kind Words :o

Wish you the best always :)


HaruLoku said...

i can't afford them too.. T_T

wow, u have to collect all? did u collect both versions of the Koi no ABO? i didn't, i only bought the Normal Edition~ XD

thankz for giving me the link but the images on that page didn't load, so i went to grab the Johnny's site's photos, hahaha~~ XD

i know he treasures K8 a lot and he would never ever leave them, their relationship is really touching!! ♥

i like some K8 songs and i did buy the WAHAHA Limited Edition single!! lol~~ XD

wish u all the best too!

thankz for leaving me a message!! ^_~♥