Friday, 7 August 2009 @ 21:44

Orthros no Inu Episode 3!!

オルトロスの犬 第三回

AH! I totally forgot to tune in to the 3rd episode of Orthros no Inu!

As usual, spoilers ahead~!

When I tuned in, Kana is already ready to be discharged. But someone comes to kill her, again! Luckily, her sensei is there with her! They fight and Aoi is hurt by him! Kana escapes but this time, her mother becomes the one who is hurt!

The guy escapes and promises to kill her next time, he runs into Nagisa and she is no match for him. He escapes once again.

Ryuuzaki and Aoi talk on a bench in the park. Aoi's hand is healed and he realises that Ryuuzaki has gone.

Ryuuzaki goes to see the politician. He raises his hand.

**********End of episode 3*********

Wow.. I caught the last part.. XD So it seems that Ryuuzaki saved Kana? I dunno! T_T

Well, be sure to tune in next week!! *to myself too XD*

Good night, girl! ♥

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