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Orthros no Inu Episode 6!!

オルトロスの犬 第六回

Ah, I'm late! It suddenly plays the theme song, I thought it's gonna end! Haha~


After singing the theme song halfway through the show and followed by commercial.. It's back.

So wazzup with the important event set up? Then Aoi goes up to Kumakiri sr and tells him something and he decides to follow Aoi.

Then the white shirt guy gets stabbed by Kumakiri jr and..

Commercial time..

Then the white shirt guy gets stabbed by Kumakiri jr and everything becomes messy. Father saves the son, finally acknowledging him as his son.

Ryuuzaki goes to the fallen white shirt guy and Aoi too. He asks if he should save him, Aoi says something and reaches towards him with his hands and..

Commercial time................ -_-"""""

Aoi reaches towards him with his hands and says something to him..

Ryuuzaki saves him in front of all the media and people of the world. The forensic girl and the politician see it with their own eyes via the TV.

Politician calls the white shirt guy and tells him to do something. The ex-policeman is in a room with 2 cameras.

Nagisa goes on a trip, with Ryuuzaki in her car. She entrusts her daughter to the forensic girl.

Aoi talks to his parents, but apparently, his parents know about his power already.

Nagisa and Ryuuzaki are in a white apartment, he sleeps and has a dream of his past. He wakes up and Nagisa is there by his side and he is holding on to her wrist.

At first he is frustrated by Nagisa's kindness to him but after blowing her top at him, he grabs her into a hug.. o.O?!

He says, "A storm is coming soon."

**********End of episode 6*********


Well, I haven't even watch episode 5 as I missed it last week T_T But wazzup with the ending of this episode?! LOL~~ It's kinda cool because you'd never have thought that the baddie gets he girl! LOL~~

But he is just cunning, isn't he? Was he set up by the crazy ex-policeman all those years ago?? What is the white shirt guy gonna do after hearing the insane ex-policeman?

It's on the same pace, not getting faster but the story is still interesting, that's good~ ^_^

Ryo just looks soooooooooo damn cool in that event hall!! KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! XD

Looking forward to tomorrow's 24h TV!! OMG!! I'm gonna be late for it because I will only knock off at around 7pm.. Then I have to sleep because Sunday's classes start at 9am too! T_T!!

GANBATTE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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