Thursday, 13 August 2009 @ 23:53

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 13.8.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
12.8.09 1858h


Good evening.

How's everyone?

I'm very hardworking this week.

I think Shota is practising the güiro.

Me guitar and *talk.
I think Ookura's saxophone.

How're they doing?

-- "Güiro" is an instrument that you can read about here.

-- "talk" seems to have been typed in English, I'll have to check for this!

Oooooooooo are they having a performance soon? Their tour has just ended, hasn't it?

Anyway, he talked a lot in the program HEY!HEY!HEY! back in Nov 2007~ So he's gonna talk a lot now too? Hahaha~~~ YAY!! XD

16 days later, 24h TV!! OMG, have you stocked up on TISSUE PAPER???? Haha XD

Good night, girl! ♥


Hal said...

hi dear ^^

YAY~ that's right, Eito will release a new Dvd For Newts tour "Puzzle Summer Tour 2009" it will be on next 23th September ^^,for more details :

( you really should think about make an account of Live Journal dear ^^..hahaha)

Also They will Have A new Single Called "Hitotsu no uta " Will be release soon and it will be the theme song for new - Kanjani8
^^ - Drama Called " ROMES" Starting Yasuda Shota & Okura Tadayoshi ^_^

A Lot Of New News..neh ? (laugh)

i think that what dear ryo-chan was talking about ^^

I'm so excited about 24hour TV too ,i really hope My lovely NEWS will shine like stars ^ ^,really hope they could collect a lot of donations..

3aaaa (crying)..niini? i know it will kill me...I Saw a little 2 minute preview or so and i was weeping already !

do you think Tissue Paper will do ? (laugh)

Hope everything is OK with you ^^

Thanks A lot dear for translation ^^


HaruLoku said...


yeah, new tour DVD! thankz to you, Hal-chan, i posted up the details of the DVD!

are you going to buy the DVD? it's rather expensive for me and i would rather save for NEWS' stuff.. heehee XD in the end, i like NEWS more than anything else~

it's so cool that k8 gets to have special drama from time to time! i loved their 3 special dramas in the past! the soccer one, the diving one and the piano one~~! i can't wait to watch "romes"!

24h tv is next week! time flies! NEWS will definitely do great on it! they are the best!!!!! XD ♥

i also watched the little preview of Niini.. i also felt like crying too! omg, it's soooooooo sad!!

so yeah, i dun think tissue will be enough, haha! let's prepare handkerchiefs!! or.. towels! wahaha! XD

wish u have a nice week and then enjoy the 24h TV!!

and np, it's my pleasure to translate for nice Ryo's fans like you and myself~~ ^_~