Thursday, 20 August 2009 @ 23:59

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 20.8.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
20.8.09 1255h


Will tomorrow be a fine day?
It's a fine day today.
I don't remember about yesterday.

What will the day after tomorrow be like?

It'll be good if it's a fine day.


My first reaction when I read his entry for today:

Hahaha~~ He really don't have anything to say to his fans or people who are reading his entries every week?

Even if it's about what he ate or did or whatever, it'd be better than this.. Haha..

Well, that's all for today, sorry for being late! I knocked off at 12midnight.. T_T!!

Good night!!


Hal said...

Hahahaha.. actually it's kind of cute of him ^^

When we know that he doesn't do anything until he is really want to do it and never feel forced about it,then we will appreciate that he tells us those little things in his mind ^^ ,those thought are really in his head and because he feel comfortable enough sharing it with us - as readers & fans - he did it ^^,i feel always that a unique person like ryo-chan is always think in everything around him even those tiny & regular things like the day & night,the sky,the sun..etc

he is so sensitive and caring person so that he notice when a friend in need or trouble..etc even if no one else does ^^ , i really love & respect this of him :)

And i think it's kind of indirect way to say that he is OK and doing fine , also he didn't say his cute trademark sentence this time " I'll do my best this week ^^"

i think he knows that his entries isn't perfect and some of the fans will kill him for it :p..hahaha

i think our sweet little ryo-chan is really trying his best in his entries & and for everything else too ^^

Ganbatte Ryo Chan ♥ ~

thank you so much dear- like always ^^ - for making it easy to all ryo-chan's fans to keep up with his every word ^-^

o'tsukaresama deshita Dear ^_^

Sorry again for the long comment ^^



HaruLoku said...


well, i know that he's like that, but just, you know, i wish he would write more XD

yeah, he didn't say his "ganbarimasu" but we all know he is working hard every minute~~~

that's y we love him so much, right?! Hahaha~~

and no prob! i love reading comments! it's great that i can talk to you! ^_^