Thursday, 27 August 2009 @ 23:07

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 27.8.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
26.8.09 2021h


Very soon, it'll be 24H TV. I'll work hard.

If SP drama 「Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide」 stirs any emotions in you, I will be very happy.

Yeah, it's this Saturday, the day after tomorrow!! OMG!! Time flies!!

From 6:30pm to 6:30pm, 24 hours. NEWS GANBATTE!!

I have a lot of handkerchief in my cupboard, ready for use!! XD

Good night, girl! ♥


Hal said...

Ryo-Chan my dear ♥ You'll kill us for sure sweety don't worry and be happy (laugh)

Hello again dear how are you :) hope everything is OK with you ^^

i tried to comment here earlier but the things are going crazy with me lately and i can't find a time to even Rub my nose!(cry)

YOSHAAA ~ ,time flies really fast,my heart is *doki doki*since last week waiting for the big event ^_^

our beloved NEWS Ganbare yo! ♥~ you can do it dears ♥ ~

I'm really happy for them even if their missions are so hard ,touching & emotional :cry: somehow our tears won't stop!(Frightened to death!).

by the way isn't weird that ryo-chan wrote his latest entry from Eito J-Web ? p: (laugh)

you can catch up the latest news about NEWS :p here in this special community dear :

i tried to save towels or even bed sheets specially for our Niini :cry:

but i think I'll need a new eyes after that ! >>>> remind me of 1 liter of tears when i cried to death till my eyes hated me so much! D:

May you have a great night and bright shinning day ^^ ,let's countdown together with them from now on ;)

1 day to go.. (Japan time of course , I'm still on 27th August ^^ )

Thank you sooo much dear for letting me know what our sweet ryo-chan are saying in this important moments,that really means a lot to me ^_^

Gambatte kudasai ♥~ ^^

P.S : did you watch ep5 of orthros? :cry: i can't wait for the 6th ^^,and somehow i missed your interesting previews :o

P.S 2 : Check out those new scans for 24hour Tv NEWS ^^ :


* The translation of one of this scans ( News's Couple ^^ ,TegoMassu♥ + Koyashige♥ + Ryopi♥ ):

they were really cute & lovely as can be ^^

Also Here are some cute interview with Koyashiege,"NewsFan" had subbed it ;) :

E7m,so sorry for that link's attack i did (laugh),but it's so precious things and i hope you enjoy it ^ ^

and again sorry for the long long long comment :o (like always..neh?) (laugh)

Take care :)


HaruLoku said...

hihi Hal!!~

as usual, don't worry about the length of ur comments! u are so kind to give me all these links~!!!! ♥

i'm sure everyone who reads this is also very grateful! this is just full of the goodness of the sweet sweet NEWS!! THANKZ!!

i think Ryo only has this as his weekly jweb and another one is turn-base with NEWS called NEWSmile~ but i cannot find it.. T_T

Koyashige is absolutely cute in the video link u posted!! and the thing they said about Ryo just makes me love him more! wahaha!

i also watched the one about Tegoshi and Imoto, lol, they are so funny~ XD

and yeah!! 1 litre of tears!! OMG, i cried and cried, i couldn't stop even after the show ended!!

i haven't watch epi 5 of orthros.. T_T but i watched tonight's epi 6, lol~~ it's getting good~~~~~! ♥

YAY!! 24h tv is TOMORROW!! i'm behind Japan's time by 1 hour only~ where do u live?