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NEWS LIVE DIAMOND[DVD] 2009.11.04 Release!!

2009.11.04 Release

■初回生産限定仕様(3枚組):JEBN-0087~89 [Limited Edition]

¥ 6,500(tax in)

■通常仕様(2枚組):JEBN-0090/91 [Normal Edition]
¥ 5,900(tax in)

収録分数:APPROX.300min.(初回・通常共通) [Includes 300 minutes of footage (Contents is the same for Limited and Normal Edition)]
※The contents is the same for Limited and Normal Edition. Sound channel is different. Due to catering for the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound available in the Limited Edition, the number of discs is more [than the Normal Edition].

   Limited Edition       Normal Edition

初回生産限定・通常仕様 収録内容 [Contents]


OVERTURE / Happy Birthday / weeeek /
ガンガンガンバッテ / 裸足のシンデレラボーイ /
SUMMER TIME / MC / Why / バンビーナ / Say Hello /
Party Time / シャララタンバリン / 愛のマタドール /
SUPERMAN / I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI / 太陽のナミダ /
星をめざして / Fiesta / EASY COME, EASY GO / MC / Share

銀座ラプソディ / アイアイ傘 / 真冬のナガレボシ /
SNOW EXPRESS / Forever / チェリッシュ / 希望~Yell~ /
TEPPEN / ムラリスト / MOLA / ordinary / Change the World /
【ENCORE】 Smile Maker / きらめきの彼方へ / weeeek
【W ENCORE】 NEWSニッポン / 夢の数だけ愛が生まれる

OVERTURE / Happy Birthday / weeeek /
Gan Gan Ganbatte / Hadashi no Cinderella Boy /
SUMMER TIME / MC / Why / Bambina / Say Hello /
Party Time / Shalala Tamborine / Ai no Matador /
SUPERMAN / I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI / Taiyou no Namida /
Hoshi wo Mezashite / Fiesta / EASY COME, EASY GO / MC / Share

Ginza Rhapsody / Ai Ai Gasa / Mafuyu no Nagareboshi /
SNOW EXPRESS / Forever / Cherish / Kibou~Yell~ /
TEPPEN / Murarisuto / MOLA / ordinary / Change the World /
【ENCORE】 Smile Maker / Kirameki no Anata e / weeeek
【W ENCORE】 NEWS Nippon / Yume no Kazu Dake Ai ga Umareru


10.25-26 仙台・ホットハウススーパーアリーナ [Sendai・Hot House Super Arena]
11.1-2 サンドーム福井 [Sundome Fukui]
11.15-16 真駒内セキスイハイムアイスアリーナ [Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena]
12.6-7 大分・ビーコンプラザ コンベンションホール [Ooita・B-Con Plaza Convention Hall]
12.13-14 広島グリーンアリーナ [Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center]
12.17-18 グランメッセ熊本 [Grandmesse Kumamoto]
12.21-23 名古屋・日本ガイシスポーツプラザ ガイシホール [Nagoya Civic General Gymnasium]
12.27-28 マリンメッセ福岡 [Marine Messe Fukuoka]
12.30-31,1.1 東京ドーム [Tokyo DOME]
1.10-12 京セラドーム大阪 [Osaka Dome]


「SUPERMAN」増田貴久 [Masuda Takahisa]
「愛なんて」手越祐也 [Ai Nante: Tegoshi Yuuya]
「シャララタンバリン」加藤成亮 [Shalala Tamborine: Kato Shigeaki]
「Love Addiction」小山慶一郎 [Koyama Keiichiro]
「code」錦戸亮 [Nishikido Ryo]
「MOLA ( R-midwest REMIX )」 山下智久 [Yamashita Tomohisa]


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I'm buying it, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams like crazy*

Edit: BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankz to Hal-chan ♥ for informing me about this!! I totally "tension UP" when I heard about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! Can't contain my happiness, hahaha~~~ ♥

*Goes to pre-order NOW*

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 24.9.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
24.9.09 1330h


I'm Nishikido.
It's been a long time since I'm back at Osaka.
This time, it's for my mum's half a century birthday.
It's now almost time for me to go back to Tokyo.

I will work hard tomorrow too.

Wow~!! I'm late to wish Mrs Nishikido a happy birthday!!

She's 50 and has so many children with 3 being older than me! She must have married very young! My mum is 5 years older than her but I'm her eldest child.. Haha.. XD

Have you seen her picture before? She looks like a foreigner, beautiful and eleganht

He goes back only once in a while and even on the day of his mum's birthday he couldn't properly spend it with her and had to go back to Tokyo for work.. So poor thing!! Both him and his mother.. T_T

Hope they had a short but enjoyable time together!! ♥

Wednesday, 23 September 2009 @ 23:03

Cartoon KAT-TUN 23.9.09 Epi 128

100 Rules of Autumn SP

It's a special today.. Shows most of the past episodes, including the mountains episodes, the huge family episode, the dogs kindergarten episode, the SR episode, and the Nagasaki episode last week.

There are also some unaired scenes too, very funny~~ HAHA~~

I wonder they are busy with?? Hmmm~~~

Let's wait for greater things from KAT-TUN!!

Tune in next week~!

Good night, girl! ♥

Tuesday, 22 September 2009 @ 23:25

Jin on ANAN 1677 Cover!!

Like.. OMG~!! XD

It's his turn on anan's love shot series!! OMG OMG OMG OMG~! XD

I think there are 9 photos including the cover. The model is a European, or a mix-blood girl. Of course, both of them are nude totally~ They look like real couple making out. T_T

Jin is determined to make his photos the best out of all the others who also had this, namely, P, KimuTaku, MatsuJun. He trained his body with a famous instructor 2 months before this photoshoot.

OMG~~ Looks like we, as his fans, don't really understand what he is really like. Haha~

So here's what I think of him. I think that he's trying to NOT be a goody-2-shoes. I know that he usually clubs, drinks, smokes and talks to models in the clubs, and I think he usually will stay till the clubs close.

It's ok, I like wild guys. We have a modern saying in Mandarin: 男人不坏,女人不爱。

It means that, if the guy is not a bad guy, no woman will love him. LOL~ It's a true statement, I think. Maybe it's because they are dangerous and that makes them all the more exciting to be with. Life won't be so boring! HAHAHA~~ XD

And after looking at the low quality photos of the photos in anan, I think that they don't look as good as P's. I think that P's is more exciting? LOL~! It's.. healthier. HAHAHA!!

Personally, I think that Jin is the sexiest man alive. Ryo is ranked second, haha!! Third is Nic Tse. That's my ranking. LOL!! XD

But honestly speaking, even though Jin is my number one sexy guy, P's body is much nicer to look at than his, lol!! Oopz!! XD Must be because of the six-pack which Jin doesn't have~ HEHE~ XD

AHHHHHHHH, just go and judge it yourself, haha!!

Wanna see his sexy photos?! CLICK!!

Orthros no Inu Official Photobook!

金曜ドラマ「オルトロスの犬」公式フォトブックTOKYO NEWS MOOK
Friday Drama "Orthros no Inu" Official Photo Book TOKYO NEWS MOOK

This was released on the 17th of September! It costs ¥1700! I think I should buy it!!!!!!!! XD

Buy it here!:

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Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 17.9.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
17.9.09 1435h


Hello everyone, I'm Nishikido.
Has everyone been fine?
I'm now working hard on eating vegetables.

Replenishing on nutrients.

Let's eat fish, everybody.

OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I actually TOTALLY forgot about Ryo's jweb!!!!!!!!! So sorry ne! =(

Wa, he's been eating vegetables? Is it so difficult to eat that he has to "work hard"?! Haha.. XD

And telling us to eat fish?! Does he even eat fish?! Has he started to eat fish already?! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Fish is good for health and BRAIN!! He needs that because he likes to learn new things! I love to eat fish~ ^_^v

He needs all the nutrition he can get! After the stupid flu.. T_T I wanna see a healthy and genki man man Ryo-chan!! So show us by dancing properly yo, RYO!! Haha~~

So yeah.. Gotta get myself some food as well!

Bye, girl! ♥

Wednesday, 16 September 2009 @ 23:13

Cartoon KAT-TUN 16.9.09 Epi 127

Nagasaki no Okite Part 2!!

The Island Team continues to eat while the Street Team goes to play soccer with kids who are serious about it.

Jin scores! Hoho~

The woman who is with them in the Street Team, rewards Jin with a precious photo. Hmmm..?! O.o?!

Because it's cloudy, they cannot see the sunset on their boat [Island Team]

Jin scores again! ♥

Whale sashimi!! Jin gives a weird expression then says that it doesn't stink. Haha~ The person said to enjoy the fats~ Hmmm.. XD

7+pm, Island Team finds that the ticket counter is closed! And that shops on the island close early. They find nothing after 30minutes. And then the lights were all turned off!!

They find a house with lights still lit! They try to find some food. And they succeed! It is just nice their grandson's birthday party! They have seafood~~~~~!

After they fill their stomachs, they leave and walk to the sea to play with fireworks!! Nakamaru is so funny~~~

How the hell they survived the night?! Hahaha

The next day, they help a fisherman. They catch octopus!! Nakamaru is soooooo funny~ It's always funny to see him being scared XD

Taguchi goes snorkeling!! Nakamaru jumps into the water too! He says the water is salty.. Like, OF COURSE LA!! HAHA~ Mr Obvious~

The fisherman catch a big fish!! It can be sold at about 60000yen~!

Later, they eat freshly caught seafood~ Look at the way they express how good it is, haha!! So funny~~

Watch out for the great surprise right at the end!! Super funny~! XD

Tune in next week ne!!

Good night!! ♥

Friday, 11 September 2009 @ 21:13

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 10.9.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
8.9.09 1811h


Good evening.
How is everyone?

I've returned to work without a hitch.
Sorry for making everyone worry
Everyone has to be careful too.

Drama is left with a few episodes, I'll also work hard till the end.

So, I wish everyone a happy weekend.

First post after his flu! And I totally forgot about it last night!! T_T Sorry!

Well, he's recovered, but it's my turn now to get flu.. T_T But I think mine is common flu, I didn't go to Orchard Road or anywhere as crowded as that!! Well, I'll know tomorrow, after I see a doctor after I finish teaching my lessons. XD

So sad that Orthros will only have 9 episodes.. It is because of the super low viewership rating? I think the producers let the audience hold a much higher expectation and when it falls so much shorter, this is the result.. Even though I missed a lot of episodes, I don't think that its pace is fast enough when I watch a new episode. So.. yeah.. GANBATTE!!

On the other hand, Buzzer Beat is unexpectedly GOOD!! XD

Ryo is so cute on the "cooking" show and on 24h Dart's Trip~~~ XD ♥♥♥

Well, good night, girl!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 @ 22:52

Cartoon KAT-TUN 9.9.09 Epi 126

YES!! I'm finally able to watch this!! So happy!!!!!!!!

Today is Nagasaki no Okite~!

Akanishi and the 2 guests are in one team, the Street Team.

Maru, Taguchi are in the Island Team~ They're on a boat or yacht with a girl towards one of the islands~

Akanishi's team eats Champon and Sara Udon! Look so oishii!! I also wanna eat!! XD

The Island Team finally reaches the island and gets some info on food~~ Gotou Ushi and Gotou Udon are two info they got~

The Street Team finds love-shaped stones by the sides of the river of the famous spectacles bridge!

The Island Team goes to this nice place where you can relax~ They eat Gotou Udon, it looks sooooo oishii!!

The Street Team goes to a nice and elegant-looking shop~ It's where Chocolate Castella was born!

The Island Team gets to eat a 1kg squid, grilled! Or was it 2kg? XD

And they were too late for the purchase of the return tickets?!

We'll find out next week!! Hahaha~~


Tuesday, 8 September 2009 @ 23:55

Akanishi Jin will have a debut solo with LANDS!

As we all know, Jin's first movie will open on 16 Jan 2010!

BANDAGE is a love story. LANDS is a band in the movie and Jin plays NATSU, the main vocalist.

So, Jin will be having a solo debut as "LANDS"! It will be released this AUTUMN!!

I can't wait!! I'm soooooooo HAPPY!!

I'm so gonna buy it!!

Will update when I found more news! XD


Monday, 7 September 2009 @ 20:00

Buzzer Beat Episode 9!!


He makes up an excuse for not bringing an umbrella..

They went to Riko's house, she says that he can go home tomorrow.

EVIL WOMAN calls Riko. She says it's her fault that Naoki is late! OMG!!

Riko tells Naoki to go home.

Mai and Shuuji came home, Riko hears from Shuuji that practice ended early.

After medical check up, Naoki finds a bag from Natsuki.

Utsunomiya finds out that Mai and Shuuji are dating~ lol! He laughs and answers that he's not a gay~

A lot of basketballers turn up in their house! A total of 5 basketballers and one Mai eat dinner together in their house~

Naoki tells Mai to not tell the others about him and Riko because he says he will talk to Kawasaki-san when he comes back. Mai tells him not to worry, Riko doesn't like Kawasaki-san anymore and her violin........... Naoki doesn't understand but Mai is busy with the others.

The guy who scolded Riko looks like he's worried that she's no longer playing violin.

Riko goes back to her own house.

Naoki and Utsunomiya attend the PBA press conference.

Naoki and Riko call each other at the same time so they can't connect!! OMG!!

Utsunomiya and Natsuki eat dinner together. She says feelings can't be stopped and what.. something about being childish..

Naoki sees Yoyogi with the other office girl walking on the street, Yoyogi sees him too.

Riko calls Naoki. They talk about violin music~ ♥♥~~

Riko eats dinner with her parents and I think they are glad that she has not given up on violin~

After a long lag..

Naoki confronts Yoyogi in the locker room. Everyone helps to stop them. Naoki wants Yoyogi to apologise to Natsuki.

Riko can't stand the ticking of the clock so she takes out the batteries but Mai tells her to put them back~

Shuuji comes back and tells them about what happens in the locker room. Mai stops him before he blurts anything that would hurt Riko.

Riko receives a message but I couldn't catch it in time -_-"

Naoki and Utsunomiya talk in the locker room. He says that you're not an elementry student anymore. And tells him to reconsider about his relationship with Natsuki. And something about Kawasaki-san. Naoki leaves.

The next morning, Naoki goes to practise basketball in the park. Riko confronts Naoki.

He says he didn't lie, he just don't wanna tell her so she won't anyhow think. She says that Natsuki is more important than her.

He says that he no longer likes Natsuki.

Riko says that she thinks about Naoki all the time. So why doesn't he? I think.. I seriously hate this broadcasting computer program!! It's lagging like shit!

Riko is not in time to pick up her phone when Naoki calls. Mai thinks that he will call later.

Natsuki waits for Naoki and gives him something. She trells him that Yoyogi and her are over already.

Naoki tells her that he has a person he cares about now. She asks if it's Shirakawa-san. He says yes.

Kawasaki-san comes back to Japan and goes to Riko's house immediately.

Riko returns the ring to Kawasaki-san and tells him that she likes Naoki. He asks why Naoki. But when she can't answer, he says he's joking. And that people's feelings are uncontrollable. And wishes her happiness.

Kawasaki can't help it but hugs her tightly.

Naoki happily buys a single sunflower and rides his bicycle towards Riko's house.

**********End of half of episode 9*********

OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Natsuki is sooooooooo EVIL!!!!!!!! T_T

I wanna watch the next episode!!!!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009 @ 21:50

Orthros no Inu Live Special!!

I tuned in at the last 12minutes.. Sumimasen!! x.X

I saw a repeat of the previous episode. You know, where the forensic guy was stabbed.

Then Ryo, Takki and Asami are sitting in a studios, praising how interesting the repeat was..

Takki's Hikari Hitotsu is on sale now!

Let's wait for next week's episode 7!!

Good night! ♥

Thursday, 3 September 2009 @ 22:06

Temperatures are back to normal for YamaP and Ryo!

2009.9.3 05:02


Temperatures are back to normal for YamaP and Nishikido
2009.9.3 05:02

After being diagnosed with Infuenza A, NEWS' Yamashita Tomoshisa and Nishikido Ryo are currently recovering at home, and on the 2nd, their temperatures went back to normal.

Johnny's Jimusho spokesperson said, "They are on the road to recovery." As for when they will return to work, it's undecided yet. Some of Nishikido's scenes in the TBS drama "Orthros no Inu" that will air on the 4th have not been filmed yet, the station will confirm the broadcast content on the 3rd.

Orthros no Inu・Emergency Live Special

Tomorrow's Orthros no Inu will be a Live Special!!

OMG~! Has Ryo fully recovered?! Poor thing!! T_T

I'll be watching it tomorrow, I hope~


Wednesday, 2 September 2009 @ 00:11

Influenza Update!





On 31st Aug and 1st Sep, Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa were diagnosed to have contracted Influenza A respectively, because of that, the doctor has decided that they will stop all work and stay at home until they have made full recovery.

Deepest apologies to the fans for the worry caused.

Johnny's Jimusho

OMG, it's not H1N1, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please rest well, Ryo and P!! GET WELL SOON!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009 @ 22:49

Nishikido and Yamashita has fallen victim to the flu!!

9月1日17時29分配信 サンケイスポーツ




Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa have contracted Infuenza A

Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa, from the popular group NEWS, are suspected cases of Influenza A (H1N1), reports in the fax that their agency sent out on 1st September.

Nishikido was diagnosed on the 31st and Yamashita on the 1st that they have flu symptoms. According to the doctor's instructions, they have to stop their work and cannot leave their houses without first recovering fully, home-quarantined.

Also, according to the TV station, TBS, episode 7 of "Orthros no Inu", which will be airing on the 4th, does not have Nishikido's scenes, and so, the TV station will hold a meeting regarding this episode. As for the broadcasting from now on, will have to depend on Nishikido's recovering condition before deciding.


No wonder Ryo looked so listless during the 24H TV show!!

Poor thing!! And the two of them have on-going dramas to shoot!! They must be under so much stress now!! T_T!

I hope they get well soon!! Virus, stop torturing them!! T_T

Good night, my loves..