Wednesday, 9 September 2009 @ 22:52

Cartoon KAT-TUN 9.9.09 Epi 126

YES!! I'm finally able to watch this!! So happy!!!!!!!!

Today is Nagasaki no Okite~!

Akanishi and the 2 guests are in one team, the Street Team.

Maru, Taguchi are in the Island Team~ They're on a boat or yacht with a girl towards one of the islands~

Akanishi's team eats Champon and Sara Udon! Look so oishii!! I also wanna eat!! XD

The Island Team finally reaches the island and gets some info on food~~ Gotou Ushi and Gotou Udon are two info they got~

The Street Team finds love-shaped stones by the sides of the river of the famous spectacles bridge!

The Island Team goes to this nice place where you can relax~ They eat Gotou Udon, it looks sooooo oishii!!

The Street Team goes to a nice and elegant-looking shop~ It's where Chocolate Castella was born!

The Island Team gets to eat a 1kg squid, grilled! Or was it 2kg? XD

And they were too late for the purchase of the return tickets?!

We'll find out next week!! Hahaha~~


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