Friday, 4 September 2009 @ 21:50

Orthros no Inu Live Special!!

I tuned in at the last 12minutes.. Sumimasen!! x.X

I saw a repeat of the previous episode. You know, where the forensic guy was stabbed.

Then Ryo, Takki and Asami are sitting in a studios, praising how interesting the repeat was..

Takki's Hikari Hitotsu is on sale now!

Let's wait for next week's episode 7!!

Good night! ♥


Anonymous said...

Hi Again D:

it was lovely to have three of them on the set watching the previous episode with us (the viewers) ^^ , and to get to see their reactions towards their roles & scenes was priceless in my opinion ^^

it was hilarious to see how ryo chan laugh at Tackey & Asami in their kiss scene giving them his shock looks (laugh)

this particular scene had been talked about in the kanjani8 ( Shingo & yoko )'s radio show "Recomen" when they asked Ryo chan who was the guest about that ,he was totally surprised & never know that there was a kiss scene at all(laugh)

so it was great chance for those busy & tired actors\stars (ryo & tackey in particular ) to watch the whole series or most of important scenes in it ^^

as those poor boys have no time to do anything at all *-*

By the way Newshfan had subbed the talk part only of this Episode here:

and if you need the whole subbed episode the lovely Nya fansub team had brought it to us ^^ here:

Wish you The best dear :)



HaruLoku said...

yeah, it was fun~! and i'm waiting for Hikari Hitotsu!! haha~ i think it's a very nice song that suits the show~!

i haven't catch up with the episodes coz i have no time, haha.. omg, kiss scene.. woah~! XD

hmm, how do u listen to Recommen? is there anywhere to download?