Monday, 21 September 2009 @ 11:15

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 17.9.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
17.9.09 1435h


Hello everyone, I'm Nishikido.
Has everyone been fine?
I'm now working hard on eating vegetables.

Replenishing on nutrients.

Let's eat fish, everybody.

OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I actually TOTALLY forgot about Ryo's jweb!!!!!!!!! So sorry ne! =(

Wa, he's been eating vegetables? Is it so difficult to eat that he has to "work hard"?! Haha.. XD

And telling us to eat fish?! Does he even eat fish?! Has he started to eat fish already?! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Fish is good for health and BRAIN!! He needs that because he likes to learn new things! I love to eat fish~ ^_^v

He needs all the nutrition he can get! After the stupid flu.. T_T I wanna see a healthy and genki man man Ryo-chan!! So show us by dancing properly yo, RYO!! Haha~~

So yeah.. Gotta get myself some food as well!

Bye, girl! ♥


Anonymous said...

Hello ~~:)

Okaeriii ~ dear ,hope you feel better now after the really evil influenza >_< ,i think after those precious advices from lovely Ryo we all should eat that veg & fish to become good kids (laugh)

it's really amazing how every time i want to come here to comment on your lovely blog i found a new surprise from you about sweet Ryo Chan ^^ Hontoni Arigato for such happiness dear ^_^ ♥

i'm so glad that he is doing fine now thank god,he always surprises me with his way to handle things ^^, he know that he need really to have a proper food that can maintain his health in order to handle all the challenges he had to face as being in 2 teams & for his solo work ,because he know that if his health betrayed him(as what happen lately unfortunately..poor ryo chan :( )it will be a great problem for him & his workmates ..

sometimes i feel that his sense of responsibility is just amazing ^ ^

Gambatte Ryo Chan ♥~

By the way dear did you know that he will be the next Premium guest on October? on the Shounen Club Premium ..Yattaaaa ~ ♥

at laaast,it's about time really! ,i was about to give up entirely :cry:

it has been announced on the Episode of the most kawai Massu ever ^^ that was last night(sunday night),here the Raw links if you interested - newshfan will sub this after few days ;) - :

part1 :



i can't wait for October already ^^ ,i want it to be an incredible episode just like he is :)

he also appeared in two lovely shows i would like you to see :o :

1-[Chubaw Desu yo!] 5 Sept 2009-Ryo

unfortunately the quality is really bad, and i don't know why nobody ever Posted a HQ one at all !! ,it was lovely episode and i wish to keep it with proper quality at least :cry:, if you find it horrible you can try this RAW one and use newsfan's Softsub :s :

2- Ousama No Branch 2009.09.19 - Ryo (RAW) :


and this old episode of the same show with Tackey & Ryo (SUBBED):

i more than happy for him as he at last begun to appear in such popular programs and as ryo chan himself not just a member in any big group if you know what i mean ;), i really love him with both kanjani & NEWS but as he is always shy,quiet& don't speak much in public or with his groups,it will be good to have his own interviews to force him to interact & talk a little.. evil me ,,neh? (laugh )

I'm glad you back dear ♥, i missed your entries ^_^ , and I'm so sorry for the sudden break i did :o , but it was my turn to get sick -_-, not by influenza this time ^^ also i had some mysteries problems with no obvious reasons with My internet company! and was suffering from it since the very first day of 24hour TV event! , the communications became a really hideous torture this days !

so glad to be here torture you this time with long comments..neh? (laugh)

Best Regards ♥ :)


HaruLoku said...

haha, no, it's a joy to read ur comments~!!

i'm glad u're back too! glad u're well again ^_^

yes, a couple days ago, i was soooooooo happy to know that Ryo is gonna appear on Premium finally!! Oct 8th~~

on chubaw, he was absolutely CUTE~~~~~ cute overdose~!! i really like that, coz he talked so much on it, i was soooooo happy, haha~~

the ousama interview ryo did with takki was very cute too~~~ it's always funny to talk about their common past as johnny's juniors~~

i saw once before, a performance by takki and ryo when they were very young~ they sang Secret Agent Man to a live audience on an outside stage!! it looked like outside of a shopping centre!

i've uploaded it for u, but it's of really low quality because it's so many years ago, haha~ i forgot where i downloaded it from too, haha~~

here's the link:

enjoy the clip and take care~!! ♥

P.S.: it's Subaru's birthday today!!