Friday, 2 October 2009 @ 23:01

Yamashita Tomohisa no Nikki vol. 2201 2.10.09

山下智久の日记 vol. 2201


I went to the gym after a long time!

The weather's not good!

Recently, I've been eating while writing lyrics at home
And then eat, write lyrics, eat!

Because it's a piece of lyrics with mixed English and Japanese
Would have to check the dictionary from time to time.

Expressions that Japanese has and English doesn't are quite a lot

Of course, vice versa

I also come to appreciate Japanese's beauty again.

Try to write lyrics, you'll learn lots!

Ah, so cute!! I wanna know which songs he wrote lyrics to in his new single and perhaps upcoming NEWS single! I really hope NEWS would have a new single soon!! It's already been super super long since Koi no ABO!! T_T

I want Ryo to have a solo single too!!

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