Wednesday, 11 November 2009 @ 23:08

Cartoon KAT-TUN 11.11.09 Epi 135

It's on time this week, I'm on time too!! Lucky~ I just finished watching the first episode of Liar Game 2!! You have to watch that too, it's so cool!!

Anyway, back to topic, Cartoon KAT-TUN!! This is the 2nd part of last week's episode!!

The cute chubby girl demonstrates how to sell stuff~~ Koki and Kame challenge~ Koki is tooooo funny!! XD

The next guest talks about being poor and how he saved money when he was younger.

Koki presents a thing that help you be lazy, you can lie down and read books without getting tired arms. Then there's this bugs sucking thingy that has to suck the bugs by being 1~3cm close to it.. USELESS LA!! The bugs would fly away already!! XD Next is a watering.. mouth? You just screw it onto any bottle and there, you can water your plants!!

Next guest talks about tsukemen, he introduces the top 3 tsukemen! Then they get to taste the top one!! Looks delicious!! It's got fish powder.. whatever that is.. XD

Nakamaru says that he can break 10 eggs in 10seconds perfectly. But.......... Haha!!

The next guest talks about skipping rope and his past achievement, but he fails!! WAHAHA!! Then Ueda takes over and does it perfectly!! Woohoo!!

Then the batsu game/punishment is to eat super hot something! It's the guest who fails! So funny XD

Next week, it's MORI3CHU again! And Jin too! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Jin, BANDAGE is a nice song!! Should I buy the single?! I need to save money though!! T_T

Well, look forward to tomorrow's Ryo's jweb!

Good night! ♥

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